Monday, August 27, 2012

KC Divas

I had a Fabulous Sunday! How about you?

I was up by 5am, ate some breakfast around 7am and by 9am I was in Mid-town at a group exercise class with the KC DIVAS!


Here is a little back story….

There are a group of girls in New York that all compete and call themselves the NY Divas.  A couple of the girls came to Kansas City and competed at the WBFF show in May. So, quite a few of us met them and, of course, became Facebook friends.

They get together weekly and workout and practice posing. A friend that, before Sunday, I only knew through Facebook came up with the idea to start a KC Divas with the same concept. We would get together for group workouts and posing practice.

The Greater Kansas City area is pretty big and spread out.  The girls that live South of KC get together every Saturday at 7am and run stairs and do track workouts at a high school close to them.  As you know, I have been getting together with girls close to me (which is North of KC), doing track workouts and running stairs.  So once or twice a month, we are all going to come together in the middle and workout as a group!

Yesterday was our first group workout and was so fun!  So much fun, that we are doing it again next Sunday only outdoors.

Back at home

The girls were anxiously awaiting my arrival.


So, I leashed them up and we headed out for a walk.

I was so hungry by the time we got back and fixed myself a warm bowl of brown rice noodles with roasted broccoli and meat sauce.


I was pretty sore and tired the rest of the day.  I tucked myself in and watched an Oprah: The Next Chapter marathon.  My favorite one was with Mr. Curtis “50Cent” Jackson.

Oh Fitty.

I snacked on some gluten free pretzels while watching TV.


For dinner, I had planned on eating Al Fresco’s Roasted Pepper and Asiago chicken sausages with roasted broccoli, but instead had chips with cheese and salsa.


Very similar meals, I can see how I did that swap.

We wrapped up the day with a little Big Brother.  Justin and I both decided we are going to go ahead and root for Frank.  At this point, he deserves to win!

Time to get back to my to-do list.  See you tomorrow!


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