Monday, July 23, 2012

Summing it Up

To sum up last week….it was tough.

Saying Goodbye

We got home from Colorado on Monday and Tuesday night, my Stepdad’s Dad lost his battle with cancer.

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My Step-Dad was really close with his Dad and it was heart breaking to watch him, along with the entire family, go through the process of knowing he was about to pass and then the grief that came after he passed.  He was a kind man, who loved his family very much. He will be missed. 


I ran and went to Pilates last week.  It felt really good.  I think I’ll do more of that this week.


It also feels really good to lay on my back with my legs up the wall after running.


Sandwiches:  We got a hankerin’ for an italian sandwich…and kept eating them all week!


Salami, pepperoni, ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion…then dipped into Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar dressing.   I know I’m supposed to be gluten-free, but this sandwich needed a soft, normal, yummy bread!

Salads: This is actually a salad and not a bowl of toppings!  Leave it to me to take a salad into the 1,000’s for calories!  Since I could only eat one sandwich, on regular bread, ever couple of days, due to the gluten, I would eat the sandwich ingredients in a salad.  There is some lettuce (ice burg and green leaf) buried under there.  I used Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar dressing and Ken’s blue cheese.


Yogurt bowls: Yogurt, granola and a peach


Toast with peanut butter, honey and a banana


Protein ice cream: almond milk, protein powder, frozen banana, frozen strawberries


I ate some other stuff too (obviously), but those are the meals of which I actually remembered to snap a picture.


In case you haven’t heard…it’s freaking H-O-T in Kansas City!  I must say, I don’t mind it.  I love the heat and the sunshine.  I get my running, walking the dogs and sitting outside done before 8am, so it doesn’t really bother me.


The animals, on the other hand, are bored crazy.


They go in and out 500 times a day because they want out soooo bad, but it’s so stinkin’ hot, they want right back in!

That pretty much sums up last week!



  1. I'm so sorry for your family's loss :( Thinking of & praying for all of you.


  2. so sorry to hear of your loss!sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!!


  3. I'm very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during these hard times :(