Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Big plans?  We are headed to my sister, Vann’s, house for the afternoon.   We will actually be home before dark so we’ll probably be sitting outside with a hose so we can be ready to spray our house down when it catches on fire.  The people in our neighborhood shoot off so many fireworks. They started last night, actually!  It is so dry here, I hope they are being smart about it.  eep.

Here is one of the dresses I bought the other day.


It has quickly become one of my favorites.  It’s light and silky.  It’s comfortable enough to wear around the house but cute enough for public too!

I started the day at Pilates.  It was leg day.


It was so good it made my hair poof!

Back at home, I leashed up the girls and took them for a long walk.  I was too hot to eat when I got home, but I knew I needed to get some food, so cold Chobani yogurt with granola and a peach!


For lunch, we headed to a mexican restaurant for tacos. It was Taco Tuesday, after all.


I ate too many chips with salsa and gauc, so I managed to eat the tacos but no beans and rice.  I was reading something one day on tips for eating healthier in restaurants and one of the tips were don’t eat the free food….chips and salsa, bread baskets! It’s a good tip. I wish I could remember it when they plop that hot, salty bowl of chips in front of me!


Meal #3: Peanut butter toast


There is always room for two in my chair!


Meal #4: Enchilada casserole


We wrapped up the day by watching Master Chef.  Love that show, but am really looking forward to Big Brother!

Have a safe day. See you tomorrow!


  1. Very pretty dress Stacey! It looks very good on you :) Oh and those tacos look sooo good! Have a great 4th of July with the family! <3

  2. I am full out drooling over your peanut butter toast. HAH!

    1. Not the peaches and yogurt? Or the enchilada casserole? The PEANUT BUTTER TOAST??!!! aaahaha! You are funny!