Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colorado Family Reunion

We just spent four days in Fraser/Winter Park Colorado!


A couple of moose off the side of the road…no big deal. (whoa)

We arrived Thursday, and after driving the switch back to get to Fraser, we were both ready for a drink.


Justin is not a fan of heights, but had no idea the switch back was going to send him into a panic attack (for the 45 minute drive).  It was touch and go.

We eventually calmed our nerves and met up the family. The rest of the weekend went way to fast.  It was so much fun!

We all stayed in Condos within walking distance of each other. During the day, everyone did whatever they wanted and we would all meet up in the evening at the recreation center for dinner and entertainment!


So much laughter!


The view from our condo was beautiful. First thing I did every morning, was sit outside and just soak it all in while drinking coffee (of course!).


Then I would lace up my running shoes and go for a wog (you know, a walk/jog) because I couldn’t breath up there!  That was such a weird feeling.


Justin and I also took walks in the morning. We are going to miss the Colorado weather. Cool and crisp in the morning and evening and warm during the day. Perfect.

Saturday, Justin talked me into a hike with his sister and her boyfriend.  I am outdoors-y in the way of sitting outside in a lawn chair taking in the view (with a glass of wine).  I even enjoy camping…at a designated spot for humans.  Not hiking a rocky trail.  Up a mountain.  Where bears live.


But, I did it, and I’m so glad I did.


The views.  The fresh air.


Our endorphins were definitely pumping after that hike. It was awesome and I would do it again.

Sunday, we spent the day at Winter Park Resort. What a fun place!


They have so much to do there for kids and adults.  We played miniature golf and road the chair lift to the top of the mountain.


I still shudder just thinking about dangling off that chair.  I had never done that.  I’m glad we did it, but pretty sure I’m never doing that again. N.E.V.E.R.

Sunday evening, we had dinner at Heck’s which is located in Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  There were so many great moments during the weekend, but this place was probably the highlight.


Not only was the food great, but the view…well I can’t even come up with adjectives to describe it.


AND, they had complimentary s’mores by the fire!  Whaaaat?


When can I move in?


It was such a great night! 

Once back at the condo area, we all met up at Justin’s Uncle’s and celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary as well as two of the kid’s graduation from high school.


Everyone was leaving on Monday, so we said our goodbye’s that night.  We met up with Justin’s other Uncle and his wife for breakfast and then headed out for our trip home.


A lot of memories were shared over the past four days and more were made.  Everyone was already talking about when and where to do it all again!



    love all the pics!!!!
    glad yall had such a great time!

  2. Colorado is such a beautiful place!! Looks almost magical. Your family looks like a wonderful group to hang out with too. Nice trip! oh and I love love the fire pit!

  3. welcome home looks like you had a good time, and i know what you mean about the air being hard to breathe in! CO makes me tired !! I missed your blogs! :)