Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrating Sara

Today is Sara’s 1 Year Anniversary with us!


A year ago she lived here.  In a pen.  It was hot, so very hot.  I didn’t want to leave without her.

2011July 057

So, I begged Justin.

2011July 065

And before she knew it, she was in air conditioning.  With new humans and two dogs and a cat. Within a week she experienced her first vet experience, where she got all her vaccinations and then a week later she was spayed.

2011July 072

The month was rough as Katy and Piper adjusted and we figured out the sleeping arrangement.  This little lady went through a lot of life changes that first month.  I can’t imagine what she must have felt.

2011July 077

She had some issues with doors and soft beds and couches, but we worked patiently with her. Gently pushing her to try new things and then backing off to let her do it on her own.

2011July 001

She found comfort in her toys and loved walks (once she finally got past the door!).

2011July 002

The first time I put her in a harness it was like she had been doing it since she was a day old!

2011July 006

We hired a trainer to come to the house as Sara was very nervous around people.  We wanted to make sure we provided a safe environment for her as well as everyone living in our home.

2011July 030

Animals that live most of their life in a pen, do not learn to socialize and trust humans.  Sara lived the first year of her life in a pen.  It has taken another year for her to trust people other than her family.  She trusted us pretty quick and while she is still nervous with kids, she is MUCH better with adults.  People can touch her now!

2011August 023

She provided Katy with the best last months of Katy’s life.  When Katy finally warmed up, there was lots of chasing and playing.

I think she was definitely meant to be here.  After we lost Katy, I don’t know how many times I said, “Thank goodness for Sara.”  Not only did she provide comfort for Piper (and us), but she was so full of energy and life and love, it was contagious.  She’s so full of happiness!

We sure love her!

2011October 007

2012January 001

2012February 046


We’re glad you’re here, Sara!