Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starts with a P

A few things I love about yesterday, start with the letter P.

Pilates. Popcorn. Peaches.

Wow. Don’t you want to keep reading? ha!

Yesterday started with a 6am Pilates class.  It was led by a new-to-me instructor and she was awesome.  She advised that she is known as the “hard” instructor and she was not lying.  She really made sure my form was perfect and that I took each movement slow and held the move where it counts.  I was really feeling it!


Back at home, I leashed up the girls and took them for a walk. It has really heated up in Kansas City so they are not spending much time outside.  We went for an extra long walk before it got too steamy.

A cold breakfast was on my mind and PEACHES. Man, I love peaches!


A few hours later, it was time to eat again.  Two slices of gluten free toast with butter and two runny eggs sounded good.


What’s good to eat right before you go to the dentist…..EGGS!  I made sure and brushed extra long before heading out to my appointment.


We love our dentist office.  Everyone is so nice and remembers everything that is going in our life.  They really make me feel special when I walk in the door.

After getting my teeth all shiny, I grabbed Justin from home and we went to lunch.  I forgot to take a picture, but we both ordered sandwiches with french fries and then shared the sandwiches. I ordered an italian-style sandwich and Justin ordered a turkey-brie-blackberry jam sandwich. OH MY, his stole the show!

We hit up the grocery store for a couple of things and then headed home where we did nothing for the rest of the day.


Except eat popcorn!

I love Popcorn!

On your Instagram account, evidently you can add a little saying or something about yourself and yesterday I noticed my brother, James, has this:

“Run for fun, go get some sun, read and dance, don’t poop your pants!”

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