Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Monday evening I went to an intro session at im=x Pilates.


You all know me by now, I love trying to new things.  The adult ballet class I was enrolled in is no longer a class. Sad smile  I have been feeling the need to do something different with my body.  I run, lift weights and take Title Boxing.  All those types of exercise are high impact and heavy on my joints and body in general.

The introduction session was myself and the owner and she started off with showing me around the studio (after I filled out the appropriate medical information).  It is a beautiful and intimate place. The classes are very small. They don’t like having more than eight people in class at a time so everyone can get the attention they need.

I have only taken mat Pilates at the Y, so I had never been on a reformer. This studio doesn’t use an actual reformer.  They developed their own called the Xerciser.

After the tour of the studio, she talked about the history of Pilates and the training their instructors go through and then it was time to go through some of the basic exercises on the Xerciser.

It was wonderful. What a great way to do an introduction to the studio. I really enjoyed the one on one with Debbie and feel like what she taught me prepared me to go into a class feeling prepared and not like a completely lost newbie.

I signed up for 3 months as they have a special running for new enrollees.

I took my first class yesterday morning at 6am. It was challenging and glorious.  I can tell it is going to confuse my muscles in the same way as ballet or yoga.  It’s that type of workout that is hard while you are doing it but somehow by the end you feel relaxed and refreshed!

I am hoping to settle into a nice routine of Title Boxing three times per week, Pilates three times per week along with running and weights.  I am thinking weights will be on Title Boxing days and running will be on Pilates days.

Wish me luck with that!

This is a picture after Pilates:


And this is a picture after this morning’s Title Boxing:


Clearly, two very different types of workouts!  I am hoping to completely confuse my muscles and send the fat screaming!

Happy First Day of Summer!  To celebrate, I am taking my nephew and meeting some friends at the pool!


  1. I love Pilates on the reformer! We must be on the same wavelength because last weekend I emailed my old Pilates instructor to find out about her Pilates classes!


  2. Love that photo of you with the orange shirt!