Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pilates = Sore

Running.  Lifting weights. Title Boxing. These are the things my body knows.  Stick me in a ballet class or yoga or, in this case, Pilates and I’m so sore it makes me mad when I have to move!

I totally overslept this morning and missed the 6am Pilates class.  My body must have needed the rest.  I plan on going to a later one this morning, but I was so bummed when the clock said 5:45am instead of 4am!

I am so SORE!  Every muscle. Sore.

Yesterday was another story though.

I started the day with Title Boxing and then spent the afternoon at the pool with my nephew and some girlfriends along with their kids.


It was fun and great way to spend the first day of summer!


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