Monday, June 4, 2012

Cowgirl Boots

I am thinking about buying boots for my birthday!

I know….random. 

I don’t even listen to country music.

Is that a prerequisite?

Old Gringo Alexis Cowgirl Boot - Snip Toe

Do I need to download the Solo Cup song before I buy a pair?

It must be the Rough Riders Series I’m reading.

Or that I watched Footloose yesterday.

Old Gringo Eden Western Boots

Whatever it is. I want them.

And I want them embellished.

With lots of stitching.

Corral Angel Wing Heart Cowgirl Boots - snip toe

And when I slip them on, I expect to look like Miranda Lambert!

Or Carrie Underwood.

Maybe I just want hair extensions.

Which pair would you choose?


  1. Yes! Boots are fabulous!! I just bought a pair a few weeks ago. Find a pair YOU love and that make YOU smile & get them!

  2. ok, i would like the first pair. And only if I get the thighs on Carrie Underwood without the hardwork :)

    1. I am loving the red/burgundy ones also. But the red ones below them are so cute too!

  3. also, i downloaded red solo cup a while ago, so i guess I have that prereq covered :)

    1. LOL! So that means you are buying a pair of boots soon?

  4. Very cute!!!!! i love that jeans and cowboy boots look

    1. I have never paid attention to cowboy boots so I had no idea there were so many cute styles!