Friday, June 22, 2012

Corn and Crabs

Corn does not belong in salads.


Yesterday, we stopped for lunch while out running errands. I ordered 1/2 a BLT and a house salad and when the waiter set my salad down and it had corn all over it, Justin said….”Oh Man”.

Ha!  He knows me.

I suffered through it, but GAH! I do not like corn on salads!  In fact, I don’t like corn in anything. It should be eaten off the cob with butter, salt and pepper. The End.

After waking up later than usual, and missing the 6am Pilates class, I made it to the 10:45am class and was the only student.  It was pretty nice getting one on one training!  She put me through a full body workout and it was Tough.

After running our errands, eating lunch and taking a nap, we headed over to Justin’s Dad’s.  Justin’s stepbrother and his wife are in town with their new baby Lucca!  He is a doll.  They dropped him off at Justin’s stepsister’s house and then we all went to one of the local casinos for crab leg night.


Justin and Austin are crab leg professionals, and put down more than one plate. I, on the other hand, am not.  I like crab legs, but after two clusters, I was ready for something that wasn’t messy and didn’t make me work so hard to eat it!  In other words, dessert.  It was a fun night!

I better get moving. I have a fun day ahead of me! See you tomorrow.


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