Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stir Fry Veggies

Stir frying veggies is where it’s at!


It is the easiest way for me to pack veggies into a meal.  I love all the color and flavors. I just can’t get enough of these veggie stir fry’s lately!

I am really trying to cut my carbs after noon.  I feel the best when I eat five meals a day with carbs in the first two or three (sometimes I eat carbs at my noon meal) and then no carbs in my last two meals.  I am also trying to make those meals smaller.  I eat A LOT! As you guys know by now!


For yesterday morning’s workout, I headed to my new gym!

  • 20 minutes on the Stair-mill
  • Lower body workout
  • 1 mile cool down jog on the treadmill

I’ve noticed that I don’t have anxiety about lifting weights at the gym.  I think it’s because everything is so new and clean and it’s not crowded.  I think the Y was a little too crowded and germy for me.

After getting everyone in our house up and going for the day, Justin and I took the girls on a two mile walk.


(Look at those paw prints all over the couch!)


Meal #1: Oats with protein powder and a banana


Meal #2: Two whole eggs and gluten free toast


Meal #3: Hamburger with blue cheese dressing and stir fry veggies


Meal #4: Hamburger patty with mustard and stir fry veggies


Meal #5: Chicken Italian sausage with mustard and stir fry veggies


Our cable went out yesterday afternoon which means so did our internet and phone. 

We spent about 45 minutes thumb wrestling before going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Finally, the cable was restored and we went back to normal life.


  1. I just want to eat your Breakfast!!!! i love love LOVE oats with protein - and adding banana and pb??? HEAVEN!!!! CANT WAIT!!! hehehe

    1. I'm excited for you to have your oats back! The one think I couldn't wait for after prep was that BANANA. Soon, Andrea, Soon! You are so close. Can't wait to see your pictures!