Friday, May 25, 2012

Reading. That is all.

Good Morning!

My all or nothing personality is shining bright.  I am really into reading and it’s keeping me from doing anything else…eating, drinking, exercising!

I still wake up early but all I want to do is drink coffee and read.  I should be leaving for Title Boxing right now but I can’t wait to get back to my book! 

Must. Find. Balance.

Maybe I need to become one of those people who reads while doing cardio.

Those stupid romance novels are addicting and most of them are only 250 pages, so I can read them in about half a day.  Knowing that, I don’t do anything else until I have finished.

And that darn Nook makes it so easy to download a book. So once I finish one, I just download another!

I did manage to leave the house on Wednesday and play golf with Justin, his Dad and Stepmom.


Justin and I walked nine.  I love my new push cart. 


After the front nine, Jane and I left and the guys continued on and played the rest of the eighteen.

We went to lunch.


We both had a turkey Mediterranean wrap with some fruit from Jason’s Deli. It hit the spot.

Yesterday, we ran some errands and then I read all day.

Oh, except when So You Think You Can Dance came on! Super excited that is back. Love that show!

Maybe I’ll park myself on the Stair-mill and read at the gym.

Maybe not.


  1. I think its hilarious you are reading romance books.
    I love Jason's Deli.

  2. Mmmmm that wrap looks delish!!!!