Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Lobster and Running

Oh my goodness, it’s already Friday! I haven’t blog since Tuesday.


Sometimes once piece of furniture just isn’t enough for Sara.


I have been enjoying some running this week. Cool spring mornings just beg for me to hit the streets and run!  I love starting my day that way!


And lacing up a new pair of running shoes makes the urge to run even stronger!

Monday I did 5 miles, Tuesday 3 miles and yesterday another 5 miles.  It feels so good!  Wednesday I went to Title Boxing.  I signed up for another year and got all this free stuff!


I love free stuff!

I have had sporadic moments of healthy eating this week.  Actually my meals have been pretty good but my candy consumption, well, I won’t go into that! ha!


Yesterday, we definitely splurged on food and went to Red Lobster!  We hadn’t been in a year and I was on a comp diet when we went, so I think I ate some plain grilled shrimp and that’s about it.

Sometimes Red Lobster just sounds good! It was Lobster Feast time, so we ate the most expensive lunch of our life! ha!


I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I ate, but it was two shrimp skewers, a lobster tail, rice pilaf and broccoli. Clearly, it was delicious!


I also had a two biscuits, a house salad and two lobster stuff mushrooms (I’m really testing out those probiotics!).


Then, I ate most of this!  Chocolate lava cookie with ice cream.  Since my digestive system hates ice cream, I just pushed that off to the side and dug in to the cookie!


Ohmahgah….we were stuffed.  Luckily, we still had some errands to run or we probably would have gone home and passed out in a food coma!


Good thing I renewed that Title Boxing membership for another year!

Happy Friday!


  1. Who needs plain ole' ice cream when you can have that cookie, right?! :)

    Happy Friday!


  3. Food coma! Yum!!!!

  4. I was wondering where you have been this week :) I always look forward to your posts even if I don't always comment. Talk about food porn. I am straight up craving a cookie now :/ YUM! So sorry your going through some rough things, I pray that everything will take a happy turn! Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks for thinking about me! I'm so all or nothing. Once my Gpa got sick, he was all I could think about, so everything else suffered! He is doing much better though!