Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sugar and Me

If you follow my page on Facebook, you know that my goal yesterday was NO SUGAR!

I’m sure I’ve said this before, probably more than once, and I’ll probably say it again (hopefully not) but I am not one of those people that can have a little sugar here and there and still maintain balance in all other areas.

And when I say sugar, I mean CANDY!  For Pete’s sake, remember this?

2011May 005

I am such an all or nothing person and that applies to my sugar intake as well.  If I buy a bag of candy, I obsess about that candy until I have eaten ALL of it!  And then the next day, I’m sad that I ate all of it not because it was unhealthy but because I miss the candy!

That may be a bit dramatic, but it gets the point across….I have feelings attached to candy!

I LOVE you, candy.

Also, once I start eating candy, it messes with the chemistry of my body so much that all areas of my life start to fall apart.  I’m cranky and tired and whiney and before I know I am ordering Chinese food to be delivered to our front door once a week and eating out for lunch every day because I don’t feel like doing anything but eating candy.

I hate you, candy!

So, back to yesterday.  We had a sitter and were going to have our date night.


(Justin is holding up a piece of cheese in the above picture because it was GHOST PEPPER cheese! Too hot for this girl!)

I knew I would be drinking wine and probably have dessert at whatever restaurant, so I set the intention to not eat sugar all day and my treat would be wine and dessert that night.

It worked!  I did not eat sugar all day (except for one Cutie in the morning).

For the next week, I am setting the intention to not eat sugar ALL week (except fruit).  My reward will be wine and dessert on our Friday night date.  I. Can. Do. It.


Meal #1:  Oats with chocolate protein powder

2012March 004

Meal #2:  Protein pancakes and a Cutie (the pancakes came out thicker this time because I used 1/2 cup of egg whites instead of 3/4 and I used real egg whites instead of the carton of 100% egg whites)

2012March 006

Meal #3:  Brown rice noodles, roasted broccoli, pork tenderloin

2012March 011

Meal #4: Ice burg lettuce, spinach, shredded chicken, salsa, black olives

2012March 013

Meal #5: Date Night!

We started at Wines by Jennifer with a tasting and cheese and crackers (Lucky for me, they started carrying gluten free Nut Thins because that would be the last gluten free thing I ate last night!)


Dinner was at Café Italia.  Where they start you with fresh, warm bread and oil and cheese for dipping.  We also tried the crab and shrimp stuffed artichoke, but I didn’t get a picture of it.


Next up was salad.  I only ate half as I was already full and I was really looking forward to my entree.


Years ago when we would go to this restaurant, I always ordered the same thing.  They closed down for a bit and moved locations and evidently took my favorite dish off their menu.  I explained this to the waiter and he said they would make it for me!   IMG_0379

It’s super simple but sooooo good. Spaghetti noodles in olive oil with crushed red pepper and other seasonings, topped with cheese.


I was already full but managed a couple of bites.  I still had my heart set on dessert!


We tried two flavors of their gelato and both were really tasty!  We tried strawberry banana and orange chocolate.  Neither of us could finish those tiny little dishes! ha! Soooo full!

I came home in a carb (sugar) como and was asleep by 9:30pm!


    You are not alone when it comes to sugar, then it just takes off from there. On top of that ,it's hard to refrain and get back on track! Oh, so hard, but you have to just do it. Just like you are doing :o)

    The pictures of the food you ate (NOT THE CANDY) looked so good! Stay on that track! Yum! Yum!

    1. Thanks, Chels! I feel so much better without it yet I love it! *shakes fist at universe* ha!

  2. I started drooling when I saw the plate with the bread, oil, and cheese! I would eat that as a meal, seriously!

    And I love love love love love sugar. Tom just sat down next to me and saw the picture of the candy and said, "I would eat that whole thing!" to which I responded, "Me too!!" :)


    1. I could have totally eaten the oil and cheese with a spoon! It is soooo good!

      That's funny about the candy comment! Damn you Candy and your deliciousness!

  3. RIght there with you, Sister! It's amazing how you don't really crave it if you don't eat it for a while. The trick is to not eat it. That darn stuff is EVERYWHERE. Sounds like a great goal and reward system!

    1. You are so right. I have to stay AWAY!! One day (or minute) at a time!

  4. I am EXACTLY the same. I LOVE me some sugar, candy, cookies... ahhhhh heaven. I actually have to keep it out of my house because I have no off switch. I never feel full and don't stop until its all gone. Its awful. I love/hate it too!

    1. Whyyyyy does candy have to be so delicious?! ha!