Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is Back

What day is it?

I am finally crawling out of the cave of “that time of the month”. Every time I stretch, different bones are popping as they come back to life and my muscles are trying to get used to movement again.


I have been laying in bed eating Easter candy and Lay’s potato chips for two days.

There were only two pieces of silverware in the drawer, along with two plates, four bowls and no cups in the cabinet. The kitchen was a scary place this morning. I have only walked in there to grab another bag of potato chips or whine to Justin for more water or ibuprofen in the past two days.

When one person goes down around here the other just tries to keep their head above water and not go down as well. Cleaning and dishes and throwing trash away does not even enter into the picture!

Luckily, as much as I can count on two days in bed, I can also count on the surge of hormones that follows and was up a little after 4am getting the kitchen in working order along with a good dent in the laundry! Thanks Estrogen!

Aaahhhh, it feels good to be back!

Oh, and while I was down, Spring arrived!

Welcome back Spring, welcome back.


  1. Your clean kitchen is brought to you by Estrogen®

  2. Godwin bars look delicious!! Do you soak your almonds before adding them?

    1. Hi Lynn! Those bars are so good! I do not soak the almonds. They are just raw almonds (and raw pecans).