Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Holy cow! Between Title Boxing, ballet and running, my body felt 35 years old yesterday!  I usually feel younger than I did 10 years ago, but I was definitely feeling my age!  I should have done some yoga but I laid around all day and took a nap outside in the sunshine instead!

Diana posted a video of one of her chest workouts and I had planned to do it, but it was hard to do normal things around the house without moaning and groaning every time I moved so I decided to rest.


I started the day with a 5 mile run, then came home and leashed up the girls for a long walk.

2012March 026

I plan on participating in the Sweat to Street that Tenecia posted about so I asked Justin to take some full body pictures of me. Now if I can ever catch myself in a street outfit (and a shower for that matter!).   Hopefully I’ll accomplish that by Sunday!


So, back to yesterday. My 5-miler was super great!  The walk with the girls was spectacular.  The weather was glorious……can you tell I’m writing this post after Title Boxing and flying high on endorphins!? ha!

Yesterday’s Meals:

Meal #1: Gluten free toast, natural peanut butter, honey, banana

2012March 022

Meal #2: Egg whites, Canadian bacon, gluten free toast with butter

2012March 034

Meal #3: Turkey burger with a gluten free bun, mustard, dill relish and lettuce.  Roasted green beans on the side.

2012March 039

Meal #4: Potato chips.  I had a deep yearning for regular, thin, salty potato chips yesterday afternoon.  I’m sure my electrolytes are out of balance because I could not get enough SALT!

2012March 036

Meal #5: Tilapia seasoned with Mrs. Dash fiesta lime with a side of roasted green beans.

2012March 003

One more thing before I go.  Last Friday, my sister in law, Sarah, came by to hang out in the afternoon and we were talking about my digestive system.  Pretty typical conversation around here since I have issues with too much gluten, too much dairy, and egg yolks. So, pretty much ALL FOOD. Winking smile

Sarah mentioned probiotics.  She’s mentioned them before and I poo-pooed the idea because I am pretty snobby when it comes to supplements.  I thought I could take care of it with some Greek Yogurt every day.

I’ll take a multi vitamin every once in a while or a joint supplement or some Vitamin D but that’s about it.  Oh and some glutamine. Okay, but that’s about it.  I want my body to do things on it’s own and not become lazy.

I am pretty sensitive to supplements and something I know for sure is that if you take stuff that takes over a job and your body gets used to it, it will stop doing it naturally. (ie. laxatives)  I have never had to take a laxative, but no one should use laxatives without the supervision of their doctor (in my opinion).  Laxatives will make your intestines lazy if used improperly.

Annnnywho, why am I talking about laxatives…oh yeah, supplements. My digestive system. Probiotics. I started taking some yesterday.

2012March 009

I want to be able to eat a whole egg and not smell like a boiled egg for two days.  I want to be able to eat some sour cream without fear.  We all know I eat this stuff anyway and pay the consequences but it can’t be good for my intestines (or my marriage).

I’ll keep you posted.  My sister in law said she took them for awhile, built up her system and hasn’t had to take them in years!  I am hoping for the same result.

Have any of you ever taken pro-biotics?


  1. I love the flashy blue workout pants you are sportin' in the first pic!

    Oh, and I just found your blog, and love that too!

    1. Hi Julie! Welcome! Aren't those pants fun? They are super comfortable too! (bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods, by the way)

  2. Love the workout outfit! Turquoise looks great on you :)
    I don't take a lot of supplements either, but do take a probiotic on occasion.
    It seems that since I had my gallbladder removed 6 yrs ago, my body does strange things with some foods. The probiotic seems to help.

    Your "endorphin rush" induced post made me smile this morning!! :)

    1. Glad I could make you laugh! Also glad to hear that your probiotics work well for you.

  3. I JUST bought some probiotics last night! I hope your's helps! I love the pants soooo much. Doesn't it make it fun to workout in them? I want to do Sweat to Street too!
    Have a fab day!

    1. Good Luck with your probiotics. I plan on waiting a couple of weeks and then testing my system with some sour cream! LOL!

  4. Love probiotics!!!! Also, I wonder though, have you ever had your GI tract checked? I know, it sounds crazy, but I had some weird stuff going on with certain foods for awhile and I ended up seeing a chiropractor in Belton. Dr. Charles Eckert. He never actually did 'chiropractic' stuff on me, as I already had a chiropractor where we lived in Lenexa; however, I'd gone to him because he was an expert on adrenal fatigue, which I was pretty sure I had. ANYWAY, after many tests, he diagnosed me needing a "GI repair" and put me on some supplements that changed my life!!! I was on them for two months and felt AMAZING afterwards!!! Just a thought!

    1. Very interesting. I think I need to have that checked out. Thanks!

  5. Yay!! I'm so glad you're going to do Sweat to Street!! Can't wait to see your post!!!


    1. Yes! When I told Justin what it was all about, he was like, so both of your pictures will be the same outfit?! haha! My poor husband, I need to wear some cute clothes once in awhile.