Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Furniture

Good Morning! I am getting a late start to this post because I didn’t wake up until 5am and then I had to hustle a bit to get to Title Boxing by 6am.  I usually write my posts before Title Boxing because the morning starts to get busy when I get home, so here we are…just getting around to posting!

I had to hustle because yesterday started with taking Piper to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.


Poor little Pipey.  Little dogs have a tendency to have more dental issues than bigger dogs.  Piper always has to have teeth pulled. Sad smile  Yesterday was no different, so we were sent home with pain killers, antibiotics and soft food for a week. Which meant that I had to get Piper her medications and food before I left for Title Boxing this morning.  Every day I’m hustlin’…


Aaawe. She did not feel good last night.  Lots of cuddles.

Sara went along for the ride yesterday morning when I took Piper in and could NOT believe I was leaving her at the animal hospital!


Back at home, we got busy getting everyone up and going around here and the furniture people called and were ready to deliver!  More hustling!

2012March 015

I love it.  It’s just as comfy as it looks!

All that went on before 9:30am and I didn’t end up getting in a workout. 


Meal #1:  Egg whites and gluten free toast with butter

2012March 002

Meal #2: Cutie Protein Shake (2 cuties, peeled; one scoop vanilla ice cream protein powder, ice and just enough water to get things moving)  Ahmagah, it was so good!


Meal #3: Taco Tuesday!


Meal #4: Snacked on Nut Thins and graham crackers

Meal #5: Not very hungry. Weird. Ate some chipotle pork tenderloin.

I ended the day in the same way I end every day lately…crocheting and watching TV.  Last night was Biggest Loser.

What I took away from the show…..I want to take a ballet class.

I am sure I will look like this in no time.


Or maybe this.


I better go start stretching. See you tomorrow!


  1. great new furntiure!!!!
    poor pipey :( does she like kongs?? our vet is wow'ed by zeke's teeth and tells us that its probably from his obsession with the kong. we dont even put anything inside the kong, he just loves it!

    you tacos need to be in my belly. so does that protein shake.

    1. My dogs have never cared much Kongs. I wish they did. You need that protein shake for sure! It was fantastic!