Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Dinner

Happy Monday, Friends!

2012March 010

Yesterday was a great day!  We had some beautiful weather in Kansas City.

I made gluten free banana bread with chocolate chips.

2012March 003

And only ate one loaf.

We had a family dinner.

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We had lots of food, lots of laughs and I think I was in my pajamas and in bed before the last person pulled out of our driveway!


Hope everyone has a great start to their week! See you tomorrow!


  1. thank you for commenting on my blog!!!! i commented back on my comments-im just not sure how to go about cutting out foods,or which ones first?or just to get allergy testing done first??

  2. Mmmmm... love me some banana bread. I can't make any kind of bread, sweet or savory because I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL with breads :) Hope your off to a great start of the week!