Friday, March 30, 2012


I can’t believe the toll Ballet is taking on my body! I am so sore, that I can hardly get anything else done in life!

But, I love it!

I started the day off with a slooooow 5 mile run. I mentioned before that I was going to do the Hal Higdon training schedule, the one that had me running 3 or 4 miles, three times during the week and then one long run on the weekend. I thought running the shorter mileage throughout the week would give me a chance to work on speed, but, since my legs are so freaking sore on my running days, there is something therapeutic about getting out there and doing a slow and steady 5miles.

2012March 009  

After all, this is my first Half Marathon, I’m not trying to win, I’m trying to NOT DIE!

So, I think I’ll do 5 miles, three times per week and then one long run on the weekend and see what happens.

I ran in my running skirt and it was great!  I never had to mess with it. It stayed perfectly in place. So glad I made that purchase!

We stuck around the house yesterday. We had one of our clients home suffering from allergies.  It’s that time of year!


  • 5 mile run
  • Yoga on the deck!


Meal #1: Gluten free oats wit chocolate protein powder and a banana

2012March 019

Meal # 2: Egg whites with canadian bacon and gluten free toast with butter

2012March 002

Meal #3: Left overs: Roasted sweet pototates, broccoli and chicken sausage

2012March 004

Meal #4: Snacked on some pepperjack cheese Nut Thins

Meal #5: Chicken breast with salad

2012March 006

It’s time for Title Boxing! See you tomorrow!


  1. Hope your 1/2 marathon training goes well. I think it's best to listen to your body, and when your body says slow & steady, then that's what it needs. I'm sure your speed will improve as you continue running consistently. (However, I certainly don't know anything about training for long runs! Maybe someday! lol)
    Either way, keep up the good work!! :)

  2. Trying not to die! I love that. :) I have no doubt you'll thrive.