Thursday, February 2, 2012

You So Crazy

Good Morning!  This week is flying by!

2012January 003

Although, Monday night, Justin and I were laying in bed talking and I said, “Darn, I guess we’re staying home this weekend, I forgot to get a sitter!”  He said…It’s Monday, Babe, I think you have time. Doh!  I had a complete brain fart and thought it was Friday!

2012January 005

Yesterday was a great day.  I had planned to go to Title Boxing but didn’t wake up until 5:30am and that’s just not enough time to get myself together and get there by 6am.  So, after getting everyone out of here for the day, I laced up my running shoes and hit the street!

Around Noon, we decided to go to lunch.  We headed down to Parkville and had lunch at Poncho’s Mexican restaurant. The restaurant is an old train car.  It’s pretty neat.  It’s been there forever and has been several different restaurants, but we were happy to see it’s back to Poncho’s!

2012February 002

After lunch, we walked around English Landing Park, which last year was flooded.

2012February 006


  • 2 mile walk/run
  • 30 minutes walk with Sara and Piper

It was very humbling to have to walk during my run and still only get 2 miles.  I felt stiff and heavy and slooooow!  It was pretty motivating, though.  It just made me jones for feeling light and loose and like I could run forever!  I ordered a new charger for my Garmin Forerunner because Sara had chewed through my old one.  I’m pretty excited to wear that for my next run and keep track of my pace and heart rate.  Those two things are so motivating for me.


Meal #1: Gluten free toast with peanut butter, honey and a banana

2012January 003

Meal #2:  Chobani Honey Yogurt with Udi’s Gluten free granola and a Cutie

2012January 006

Meal #3: Tacos from Poncho’s with rice and beans; chips and salsa

2012February 004

Meal #4: Gluten free toast with almond butter and two Cuties

2012January 009

Meal #5: Left overs: Tilapia seasoned with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime and roasted brussel sprouts

2012January 020

I can’t wait to tell you about today, it’s already starting off so good, but I’ll save that for tomorrow!

2012January 008

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