Wednesday, February 1, 2012

T-Shirt Walk

Good Morning!

2012January 005

It feels so good to feel good!

Yesterday was such a great day.  It was warm, the sun was shining and I had energy!!  I feel like it’s been a month since I’ve had any energy!

Last year, my post titles around this time were:

I’ll take sunshine and walks in a t-shirt over that any day!


I started the day with 45 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals.  Then I leashed up the girls and took a 30 minute walk….in a t-shirt…in January!

In the evening, I headed to the gym for the 5:45pm BodyPump class.  I can usually get there right at 5:45pm and there’s no problem.  It was packed last night.  I guess I finally witnessed the  “January Joiners” I have heard so much about.  The class was full so I came home and lifted weights.

3 sets, 15 reps of the following:

  • Step ups (no weight)
  • Flat bench chest press with dumb bells
  • One arm row
  • Bicep curls with dumb bells
  • Single arm tricep cable push downs
  • Overhead press


Meal #1: Chobani Black Cherry with Udi’s granola

2012January 010

Meal #2: Egg whites with canadian bacon, gluten free toast and a Cutie

2012January 014

Meal #3: Chicken breast with roasted broccoli and homemade sweet potato chips

2012January 018

Meal #4: Tilapia (seasoned with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime…sooooo good!), roasted brussel sprouts

2012January 021

Meal #5: Gluten free toast with peanut butter, Chobani Strawberry (I was a little nauseous after lifting this was the only thing that sounded good!)

2012January 022

Exercise + Good Food = Happy Body!  I feel great this morning and ready to have a repeat of yesterday!

Cardio time!