Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fear of Fungi

Yesterday started bright and early at 4:30am.  I had plans to meet a friend for a workout so I didn’t do any early morning cardio. Instead, I cleaned the kitchen and got some laundry done.


Once we got everyone up and around for the day, I met my friend at the gym for an upper body workout.  You all know by now that I don’t like to lift weights at the gym because of all the germs, and my anxiety level was pretty high at the beginning of the workout, but I got through it!  It was fun working out with a friend so that over powered my fear of FUNGI!

3 sets of 10-15 reps (I started out doing 15 reps but by the end was down to 10!) We did this in a circuit.

  • Chest/Triceps
    • Flat bench with dumb bells
    • Incline bench flys with dumb bells
    • Tricep kick backs with dumb bells
    • French press with dumb bell
    • Run stairs 5 times
  • Back/Biceps
    • Lat pull down on the machine
    • Concentration curls on the machine
    • One arm row with dumb bell
    • Regular curls with dumb bells
    • Run stairs 5 times

Running those stairs after each circuit rotation totally kicked my butt!

Once we were done with the weights, it was time for Noreen to teach her spin class.  I stuck around and took it.  I was so thankful that the room was mostly dark, because my arms were shaking so violently (just from stabilizing myself on the bike!)and I was sweating buckets.  Noreen teaches a good spin class!


Meal #1: Gluten free toast with peanut butter, honey and a banana with a side of Chobani pomegranate for some protein.

2012February 002

Meal #2: Gluten free cereal with dark chocolate almond milk.

2012February 005

Meal #3: Egg whites, gluten free toast and a Cutie

2012February 008

We were supposed to go out last night, but our sitter called last minute and informed us that she had been in a wreck.  She was fine, but would not be able to make it. Ugh.  So, we got Outback Steakhouse take-out instead!

Meal #4: Salmon with steamed broccoli for my entrée.

2012February 011

We also shared some Bloomin’ Onion and I ate a salad and some of a brownie (also known as Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!)

We ended the night by watching “In Time” (with Justin Timberlake) during which I fell asleep!


  1. Dear God I miss that Chocolate Thunder :( I won't mention how many I ate while working there. :)

    1. It wasn't that good. :( It's probably better at the restaurant.