Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chili, Cereal, Pizza

2012February 015

In my defense, he is mostly made of hair.

Brutis needs to go on a diet.

2012February 010

Yesterday was a fabulous Friday!


I started the day with the 6am Title Boxing class.  As usual, Cisco totally kicked my butt.  He had us do so many running lunges, stationary lunge bounces and squat jumps, I thought my legs were going to explode! At the end of the class, he had us grab 2lb weights and then we did a whole upper body burn out.  You know how heavy TWO POUNDS can get?!!

Back at home, Justin and I got everyone up and on their way for the day, then leashed up the girls and went for a very chilly walk.

2012February 158

So chilly in fact, we pretty much went around the block and headed home!

2012February 168


Meal #1: Gluten free toast (the heel was falling apart, but it’s my favorite piece of bread so I was determined to make it work!)

2012February 005

Meal #2: I met my beautiful friend, Matreena, who I met while competing last year, for lunch at The Cafe.  I didn’t take one picture during our 3-hour lunch. Boo!  I had chicken and rice soup with a berry spinach salad.  It was great but the company was even better!  I could have talked with Matreena for days!

2011May 128

Meal #3: Chili with tortilla chips

2012February 028

Meal #4: Gluten free cereal with dark chocolate almond milk

2012February 005

Meal #5: Amy’s Gluten free cheese pizza

2012February 009

So, obviously I was craving some carbs yesterday!  I had my whole day mapped out in my food diary and the words chili, cereal and pizza were NOT on it!

Today is a new day!


  1. I had the best time with you yesterday Stacy! I feel incredibly recharged. xoxo

  2. Btw...Yay the pics are up! In color too. Whoo-hoo!!