Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 o’Clock Meal

Wow! I had an awesome day yesterday!


I started the day with Title Boxing.  Cisco had an awesome playlist on and I felt pumped the whole class.  The music was so loud, I had to watch him to see what we were supposed to do next because I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Loved it.


I really should think about wearing a hat (and dying my eyebrows again!)

I came home, ate, got everyone up and ready for the day, then headed to the gym to meet my friend for a leg workout.  When I told her we were doing legs, she mentioned some exercises she wanted to incorporate.  I remembered Diana posting a leg video a while back and thought it would be perfect.


It was fantastic!  I highly recommend trying this one out.  Check out the link above to see the video, but I brought the above list to the gym to help me remember the order of the exercises.

Back at home, I ate again and then Justin and I leashed up the girls for a walk.

We grabbed some sushi for lunch, but that was it for the day.  I was so sore and tired, I didn’t do much else.  I geared myself up for the 3 o’clock carb craving.  It definitely came but I was in control and ate a chicken breast instead!  There was definitely some self talk that occurred.

I tried telling myself the following things for why I deserved carbs:

  • I worked out so hard this morning
  • I am still burning calories so I’ll eat right through the ones I am going to eat
  • I am not going to gain weight off this one meal
  • who cares, just eat some chips
  • I am too tired to heat anything up, cereal is easier
  • the almond milk is going to go bad if I don’t use it for cereal


I also drank a lot of water yesterday and some BCAA’s during Title Boxing.

Dinner was another challenge.  Justin ordered pizza for our group home and himself.  I really wanted him to order me some chicken wings, but I ate a chicken breast with brussel sprouts instead.


  • Title Boxing
  • Leg Day
  • Walk with Justin and the girls


Meal #1: Gluten free oats with chocolate protein powder and a banana

2012February 003

Meal #2: Chobani vanilla yogurt, Udi’s gluten free granola, a banana

2012February 004

Meal #2: Justin and I shared a roll called “Rock n Roll”. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious!


For my meal, I ordered a sushi and sashimi bento box.  I gave Justin my crab rangoon and didn’t eat the rice balls under the sushi.  The fried part of the box is shrimp, sweet potato and zucchini tempura.


Meal #4: THE 3 O’CLOCK MEAL! Chicken breast with BBQ sauce, handful of pecans and a spoon of natural peanut butter

2012February 007


Meal #5: Chicken breast with BBQ sauce and roasted brussel sprouts

2012February 011

I wrapped up the day with some TV and watching Shark Tank.  How about that 15 year old girl with her sister and her Mom! Super excited for them!

Workout Recap for the Week:


  1. Looks like you had and amazing workout! Sushi- I'm going to miss it. You know I'm going to be living vicariously through your food pics. ;)

    1. Oh, Matreena, I know! I'm trying to clean it up so hopefully you will only be tempted once a week!

  2. great way to stay on track!!!

    and yes,im def going to try the leg routine!!!!