Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sleeping and Eating

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) was wacky! I was asleep Monday night by 10:15pm and back awake coughing at 12:50am.  I got out of bed so I wouldn’t ruin Justin’s night of sleep and headed to the recliner in the living room.  I finally fell asleep a little after 3am and then my internal clock woke me back up at 6:30am.


I felt out of sorts for a bit in the morning, but once I got going I felt pretty good all day.  I actually got a little over 6 hours of sleep, it just wasn’t continuous.


We had to get to the grocery store for a few things and run by my Mom’s work for some farm eggs.  I was so nervous to go to the grocery store after my last trip was so embarrassing!  I went in with reinforcements: a bottle of water and cough drops.  I made it through with no incident!

As you can see from the above pictures, we are having a super warm winter in Kansas City.  It’s pretty fantastic.


Meal #1: Gluten free oats with chocolate protein powder

2012January 001

Meal #2: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast

2012January 003

Meal #3: Raman Noodles (please don’t judge me, my bronchitis needed them)

2012January 006

Meal #4: Ice cream! and some Terra Sweets and Apples

2012January 008

2011November 011

Meal #5: Chili with gluten free crackers

2011September 059

I tucked in for the night with a hot cup of green tea with lemon and honey, and water, and cough drops and then another hot cup of green tea with just honey.  I was determined to soothe my cough and sleep through the night.  Guess what, it did the trick!  I made it all the way to 4:15am this morning!

2011January 063


    i do hope that pesky cough goes away soon!!!!!
    hang in there!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. I love your blog btw. I dont know what I would do if you ever stoppped LOL :) How's the big organization project?

  3. I look forward to your post every day and am a little bummed when you miss a day. so sorry about Katy, but you know you did all you could for her and gave her a great and loving home and life.

  4. I haven't had Ramen noodles in forever but as soon as I saw that picture, I started drooling!!!

    I hope you start to feel better soon!


  5. Thank you for all the well wishes and the kind words about Katy! I'm glad I could make you salivate with a Ramen noodle pic! And that organization project is on hold until I feel better. I am dying to tackle that spare bedroom, though!