Monday, January 9, 2012

Man Down!

Good Monday Morning to ya, Friends!

My little sore throat/headache illness has now settled nicely into a little case of bronchitis.  That’s my own diagnosis anyway, but once you’ve had bronchitis you never forget the feeling.  I’m pretty sure I have it!

I thought I was feeling better enough to run to the grocery store on Saturday.  So, off I went and, of course, my list of “necessities” ended up being a whole cart full of groceries.  I felt fine the whole time I was shopping and then I soon as I started loading my groceries onto the belt….I started coughing.  That super loud, barking, chest clearing cough.

I couldn’t stop!  The girl checking me out kept asking if I was okay, only I really couldn’t talk to her, because I was coughing too hard!

I immediately got embarrassed, which made my face turn red, my chest get even tighter and my winter coat feel like an oven set to BROIL!  I squeezed my way past my own cart to the end cap, where THANK GOODNESS there was a case full of water!  I started downing a bottle of water while power loading my groceries onto the belt.  I didn’t even want to breathe, in fear that the coughing would start up again. Luckily, the girl and guy who were checking and bagging my groceries were super fast and, I’m sure, could see my intensity….so just as I was loading the last item from my cart it was going into a bag and I was out of there!  I apologized like 1,000 times as I was leaving and told them to disinfect their hands!

In other news, this is what we sleep with every night:

2012January 001

And then there’s Piper, who tucks in nicely and is respectful of the humans in the bed:

2012January 002

Sara is under the impression, that WE are sleeping in HER bed and she needs her space:

2012January 003

And she sleeps like a log.  Piper wakes up easily and will adjust to our movements.  Not Sara. We have to pick her up and move her, if we want more space.  She just keeps right on sleeping.

2012January 004

Take a look at these eggs:

2012January 015

Look at the difference between a farm fresh egg that we got from a lady my Mom works with (we actually got a dozen, not just one egg!) and a store bought egg.  The farm egg is the orange one.  The yolk color is caused by what the chickens are fed.  Chickens that are fed a diet of deep green, orange or yellow produce along with their regular feed will have a more orange yolk. While caged chickens who have a strict diet of feed only have the lighter yellow yolk.  I also found some articles that said the amount of sunshine they get can also affect the color of the yolk.  Who knows, but the egg with the richer, orang-er color just looks healthier to me!

Sorry for the boring post. Sleeping dogs and egg yolks.  I guess I could talk about how much I have been peeing.  That’s about the only other thing I have to talk about this morning.  I have been drinking enough water to fill a bathtub daily which results in having to go to the bathroom a zillion times!

Last night, was the first night of the past three, that I slept all night in bed.  The two nights prior, I woke up around 2am and was coughing so bad, I ended up sleeping in the living room in a recliner.  Justin had me drink some warm green tea before bed last night and I think that really helped!  We are going to get some honey and lemon today so I can add that to the warm tea.  That is supposed to help soothe a cough as well.

So, that’s my daily health report!  Hope you all have a great start to your week. 

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  1. That's too funny. I have a golden retriever and a lab mix who sleep in bed with us. let me tell you, when my hubby makes it to bed (sometimes he falls asleep on the couch or sleeps with our 5 year old) and then a kid or two joins, I usually leave, there's just no room. And my lab snores like a man, it's insane. But, I do like the snuggles =)