Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Low Stimulation

Yesterday was a sleepy kind of day.

2012January 008

Justin and I both needed a day to be quiet and have very little stimulation. Not only were we exhausted from all the walking we did while in New Orleans but we were exhausted from all the people and noise and lights!  It is a very stimulating city.

2011December 036

(This picture was taken from the rooftop of the Hilton Garden Inn)

I started the day with egg whites plus one real egg and gluten free toast

2012January 006

I played with the idea of getting back to my organizational project I left myself before vacation, but ended up just getting ideas from Pinterest instead.  I felt accomplished.

For my second meal, I lived on the edge and ate the left over chicken noodle soup I made for Christmas Eve

2012January 013

Since I felt fine a couple of hours after eating that soup, and in an effort to clean out our fridge so we can get to the grocery store today and start fresh, I lived on the edge again and ate a taco salad made with turkey taco meat that was also a week old. Yikes!

2012January 016

By dinner time, I was still alive and feeling good, so I finished off the soup plus some left over canned soup (chicken and dumpling) that our sitter had left in the fridge. Grossed out yet?

I am. A little.

2012January 020

Normally, I am very wasteful and when we come home from vacation, I throw everything away and start fresh, but I want to be better about that.  We spend a lot of money on food, and with five adults in the house, we should NOT be wasting food.

Besides being glued to Pinterest and blogs about organizing yesterday, I crocheted a couple infinity scarves and thought about some things I would like to accomplish this month.

My goals for January:

  • Personal
    • Lose 10lbs.
    • Cut back on sugar.
    • Lift weights three times per week.
  • Home
    • Declutter and organize the spare bedroom and laundry room.
    • Get on a cleaning routine and wean myself off our cleaning lady.
  • Business
    • Get my paper work for the group home organized so I can stay on top of it.


  1. I hear you about wasting money on food! I need to be better at consuming what I have and not letting it go bad or go to waste!

  2. I need to cut back on sugar too!