Sunday, January 15, 2012

Knitting vs. Crocheting

Good Morning!

You know it was a boring day yesterday, when the title of my post is knitting vs. crocheting!

Yesterday started with 45 minutes on the elliptical!!  ohmygosh…it felt so good to sweat!  I watched Pioneer Woman’s show on Food Network for 30 minutes of that and it was great.  I loved her show!

Besides that, I did a whole lotta knitting yesterday and that’s about it.

2012January 014

I go through phases with knitting.  I can crochet all day, everyday and never get sick of it.  Crocheting is fast and easy.  I can sit with my hook and ball of yarn, watch a TV show, and complete a project.  Knitting takes a long time (for me) and if a mistake is made, it is a nightmare to fix (for me).

But!  I love the finished product.  A scarf that is knitted is so different than a scarf that is crocheted.  It is light and flowing and stretchy.  A scarf that is crocheted is more chunky and thick and has little give.

2012January 013

I love doing both but it has been probably a year since I knitted anything until this week and I have rediscovered my love for it.

It really comes down to working with yarn. I love yarn!

2012January 009

We were supposed to meet up with some friends last night for dinner, but our sitter called and canceled.  Sounded like she got the same crap I am getting over.  I called everyone else we know to come over, but no luck.  It was such short notice, we didn’t have our hopes up but it never hurts to try!

After seeing the Chinese food left overs from my dinner with Mom, Tom and James, Justin was craving Chinese food.  So we ordered again. Oh dear.

Welcome back calories burned this morning.

I hate to even do a “meals” section for this post because it’s so bad, but it is what it is….


Meal #1: Gluten free toast with peanut butter, honey and banana. Two clementines (Cuties!)

2012January 004

Meal #2: Chips with cheese and salsa


Meal #3: Beef with Broccoli

2012January 006

I need to get to the grocery store tomorrow and get some real food in the house!

I also spent a good amount of time reading over old posts from last Spring.  I am so far off the way I was eating and I need to find my way back. Help!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: The arrival of sweater season has coincided perfectly with my new habit of eating every carb I can possibly wedge inside my body.

Time to get sweaty! See ya’ll tomorrow!

2012January 009


  1. My mom crochets - when I was small, I loved to see and watch her hands - heck, I still do :) She made me a comfy blanket that I take with me backstage and made my daughter the best hat & scarf combo!

    Have you decided on a show? What are your competition plans for this year?


  2. I have no competition plan for this year, yet, that's probably my problem! I am not competing this Spring, but there is one in July and then several in the fall around here. I need to decide!