Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

We had so much fun in New Orleans with Justin’s Dad and Stepmom (Doug and Jane).  You have seen them many times on this blog, we are travel buddies!

We started New Year’s Eve like this:

2011December 096

And ended it like this:

2011December 101


Let me back up a little.  We left Kansas City Wednesday afternoon.

2011December 001

Blood Mary’s to get us in the spirit!

2011December 003

We got settled in at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) and had a drink at the hotel bar.

2011December 006

Then we headed to Bourbon Street

2011December 008

We ate dinner at Deanie’s.  I enjoyed every bite of the onion ring appetizer and broiled fish with green beans for my meal.

2011December 011

Thursday I got the day going (and the salt moving) with an hour of cardio.  I started off on the elliptical, then did some running and incline walking on the treadmill and finished off on a recumbent bike.  It was a great way to start the day.  After a quick shower, I was ready for some FRIED CHICKEN at Willie Mae’s Scotch House!

2011December 0122011December 014

If you go to New Orleans, you HAVE to go to Willie Mae’s.  Their chicken is rated #1 in the nation!

2011December 015

The rest of the afternoon was spent down by the river walking around and shopping.

2011December 017

The weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole time we were there…..70’s during the day and mid 50’s at night.

A trip to New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Café du Monde for beignets.

2011December 024

Before dinner, we stopped by the first hotel we stayed at 3 years ago to check in with our favorite bartender, Leyla.  It’s become an annual thing to check in with her when we are in town.  She always has great recommendations and stories!

2011December 042

Dinner was at Drago’s.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Another must try place!  We enjoyed the charbroiled oysters for an appetizer and then Justin got a whole lobster and I got the lobster salad for dinner.

2011December 0452011December 0472011December 0482011December 049

We definitely drank a little too much that night and did a lot of walking around, ending up at a total dive bar.

2011December 055

We actually managed to get going fairly early on Friday, grabbed breakfast at a great little place called Commerce and then hopped on the trolley headed to the Garden District.

That was a wonderful day.  The Garden District is so quiet and beautiful. We walked by Sandra Bullock’s house and Lafayette Cemetery.  We had drinks and sweet potato fries at a restaurant with sidewalk seating and I ate a Macaroon!

2011December 0632011December 0662011December 0682011December 069

Justin and I were definitely ready for a nap after all that walking, so we headed back to the hotel.  Once rested, we all headed to Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse for some seriously good food! 

2011December 0722011December 073

By Friday night, pretty much everyone is in town for the festivities, Bourbon gets shut down and the police take to horseback for patrol.  It is such a sight to see and the energy is palpable.

2011December 077

Saturday, New Year’s Eve, I started the day with another hour of cardio.  I had downloaded Scrabble onto my Nook and so I did 5 miles on the elliptical while playing Scrabble!

It was also Doug and Jane’s wedding anniversary and we enjoyed breakfast at Oceana’s. 

2011December 079

Justin, Jane and I all enjoyed crepes.  I think we all could have shared ONE!

2011December 081

After breakfast, we took a long walk down to Lafitte’s.

2011December 083

For lunch, we planted ourselves on a balcony for several hours and watched Bourbon fill with people!

2011December 089

We sat there so long, Justin and I were ready to eat again by the time we left.  Street dogs!

2011December 094

New Year’s Eve dinner was at Antoine’s.  It is a beautiful, elegant place but the food was just good. Not spectacular, but good.  I left my camera in the room so the only pictures I took were with my cell phone and it was of Justin and Jane’s after dinner drinks!

2011December 009

2011December 008

We brought in the new year a little different then past years in NOLA.  We bought our own alcohol and headed to the roof top of our hotel!  We could see Bourbon Street in the distance and fireworks all around and it sure was nice to hop in the elevator and head back to our room instead of fighting that crowd when we were ready to call it a night!

2011December 032

Happy New Year, Friends!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! Looks like you had an amazing time in New Orleans! I would love to go back there sometime when it isn't Mardi Gras (like my previous trip there).

  2. Sounds like a great time! Happy New Year to you!!

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Looks like you had a super fun trip! I wanted to lick my computer screen to taste those beignets!! lol! They looked so yummy!

  4. Wow! Great pictures! Is that Sandra Bullock's victorian looking house? I want to go there so badly:-) Um.. not Sandra's house.. hehe.. I mean New Orleans.