Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Wrap Up

Hi friends!

December whizzed by in a big fat blur of FAMILY and FUN!

And, of course, lots of KC Diva time!

The cold weather finally hit, sending us in search of in-door workouts.


My favorite trainer, Cisco, at Title Boxing came in on a Sunday and did a private class for the Divas.


One of the Divas owns a gym (Innovative Fitness & MMA) and she invited us all to try out a SurfSet class.  I highly recommend checking out one of these classes if you see them offered in your area.  The guys that came up with it were on Shark Tank and are now traveling the country introducing this class to gyms.  Luckily, Jennifer is welcoming it to her gym so I’ll be able to get to one from time to time!


The Divas got together and adopted a family which was such a wonderful experience.  I already knew how great all the girls of the KC Divas were, but then to see them pour their time and money into this family, just filled my heart with so much admiration for this group that I love so much.


We are filled to the brim with family memories from another wonderful month of Holiday celebrations.

Dec15 (23)

IMG_0040 (1)

By the way, you may notice my hair is a little longer.  I got some Halo extensions from the girl who does my hair. They are so fun.  I can wear them whenever I feel like it and then slip them right off when I am done.  I can straighten, curl and wash them.  It’s pretty great!


Justin and I bought our nieces and nephew the game Fibber.  Oh my gosh, it is so funny! A great family game for all ages.





The Nutcracker

The week before Christmas, Justin and I, along with his Dad and Stepmom, went to the Nutcracker.  His first (and last) ballet.


This picture was taken BEFORE.  He didn’t realize there was no singing or talking.  He was ready to go about 15 minutes in to the show.  I love him for taking me.

After Christmas, we loaded up the car and drove down to Arkansas to spend a couple of days with my Grandma.



I sure love her.  She works from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed.


My brother, Chaz, and his wife, Becky, went down as well.  Chaz and I are pretty sure at one point, Grandma was taking dishes back out of the cabinet and washing them.  She just never stops!  I feel so lazy watching her for 3 days, and swollen.  I’m  not swollen from watching her, but from eating ham and biscuits for three days along with Angel Food cake and cookies…and green beans cooked with fat back.  FAT BACK!  Just the fact that there is a food called fat back should make you not want to eat it, yet I did and I’m pretty sure I should change my name to fat back after that meal.


We are back home and back at it today.  I started the day with a KC Diva workout.  One of the girls asked a trainer friend to put us through a Glutes/Hammies/Core bootcamp.  It was AWESOME!


Wish me luck walking tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great December!

I’m excited for 2013!

How about you?!

Oh! I almost forgot, we got a new front door!


A dutch door. It keeps these little stinkers in!


Quality Home Concepts installed this door.  Frank, the owner, is pictured above and is a KC Diva (also, he is Heather’s husband)!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boring Blogger

I feel so BORING lately.


I am already obsessed with the competition in May.  I can’t waaaaaait!  I think about it A LOT. (Just ask Justin.)

I wore these pants to the track yesterday morning for a 5:45am workout.


They are pretty FANTASTIC!  I felt like I was glowing.

The girls went to the groomer and Sara needed to feel the wind in her ears on the ride home.


In other Sara news, our neighbors got a puppy and she is obsessed with playing with this puppy through the fence.  We had our back door open letting the girls run in and out since it was so nice outside and I look up to see Sara coming in with the PUPPY!!  Between the two of them, they dug a hole under our fence and Sara invited her in!  Sara was soooo happy about this little dog.  She was playing and smiling (Sara smiles!).  It was SO FUNNY!  Unfortunately, I had to go next door and let the neighbors know that I had their dog and she had to go home.

I went for my annual “physical” with the best doctor in the land and got told I’m too acidic and my Vitamin D is too low.  So, the usual.


Really need to work on those two things.  I’ll add that to my list.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of losing our Katy.  Miss that girl!

2011February 005

Better get downstairs and lift some weights!  It will be bikini time before I know it!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Still Outside

Hi Friends!

Nothing new or exciting over here.  We had a busy week with work stuff, so I was a little distracted last week.

But, never fear, there were lots of workouts and sweating as well.


And eating!


I can’t believe it’s December and we are still working out outside!  Not complaining!



I stopped in at Hitch Fit as Diana was having a party for Women at Risk.  I purchased some good stuff and gave to a good cause.


Today’s lunch: Eggs, egg whites, quinoa with peas and carrots.


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

See you next week!

Monday, November 26, 2012


I bought some things this weekend and made some things.

Want to see?


IMG_2577Nike Women's Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Hybrid Shirt - Dick's Sporting GoodsNike Women's Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Half Zip Shirt - Dick's Sporting GoodsNike Women's Fast Pace Running Tank Top - Dick's Sporting GoodsNIKE Women's Indy Long Bra Top - Nike Women's Printed Pro Victory Compression Bra - Dick's Sporting GoodsNike Women's Printed Relay Run Capri - Dick's Sporting GoodsNike Women's Printed Legend Capri - Dick's Sporting GoodsNIKE Women's Squad Fair Isle Leggings -

All the pictures are hyperlinked, but you can purchase all this stuff at Dick’s, Sports Authority or Lady Foot Locker.  Lady Foot Locker has 15% off your entire purchase, Sport Authority has 20% off your entire purchase, and Dick’s has 25% off any one item.




The first picture is a hat (obviously) and then headband ear warmers.

The bearded hat is for my cousin, who asked me to make it for her husband.  Those things are so silly.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Feast

Yesterday was such a busy and fun day!

I started the day with a KC Diva workout.


We are all wearing the Christmas hats I made!

We worked our butts off and after all our heads were totally soaked with sweat, because of those hats, it was time to get home and get ready for Thanksgiving.


Justin made the BEST turkey!  The brine he used was amazeballs and then he made a sage butter and rubbed the turkey with it before cooking! ahmahgahitwasdelish.

Justin’s Sister brought the salad and his Mom brought the sweet potatoes and PIE, pumpkin and pecan!

I forgot to take a picture of my plate, but I ate turkey, salad, green bean casserole and a couple of deviled eggs. I steered clear of the carbs so I could have a small piece of pecan pie and a couple glasses of wine.

It was a great day!

We were exhausted by 7pm and snuggled up in bed to watch TV for the night!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a day full of safe traveling, family and of course yummy food!

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year for Justin’s Mom, her fiancĂ©, Justin’s sister and her boyfriend.  We got a lot done yesterday.  I made the cornbread dressing, green bean casserole and candied yams.  All I have to do today is warm all that up and put the toppings on them, make deviled eggs and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Justin put the turkey in a brine over night, so he’ll be putting that in the oven shortly.

But first!  I am starting my day with my KC Divas for a workout!  Come back tomorrow to see how much fun we had!

Yesterday’s Workout


Cardio: Title Boxing

Weights: Back


Meal #1: Oats with protein powder


Meal #2: Rice cake with peanut butter and a protein shake

Meal #3: Chicken, black beans, salsa fresca, spinach


Meal #4: Two whole eggs

Meal #5: Tilapia with brussel sprouts


It’s time to get ready to meet the Divas!  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First World Problems

Good Morning, Friends!

I have really pulled my head out of my fanny this week and I feel fan-freakin’-tastic!

This little video put things in perspective:

Diana’s Dad and Stepmom have been a part of a group that have been going to Haiti for years, even before their disaster.  Diana has done fundraisers and sponsors 20 kids (even more now as you will learn in the video) but made the decision to go in person this year.  She spent 10 days there.

This video put things in perspective for me because as I sent Diana my weekly progress update on Monday, I sounded so whiney.  Telling her how I struggled with cravings last week and gave in to chips and eating out, blah, blah, blah.

Really? Talk about #firstworldproblems.

The kids Diana and Micah sponsor are lucky to get one good meal a week and I am whining about my struggles with TOO MUCH FOOD?

Poor me.

Sooooo, this week has been awesomesauce and I am looking forward to what next week’s update will look like!


Cardio:  Treadmill (ran 2 miles, sprint intervals for 1 mile, ran 1 mile)

Weights: Glutes and Hamstrings


Meal #1: Oats with protein powder


Meal #2: Rice cake with peanut butter and a protein shake

Meal #3: Chicken, black beans, salsa fresca, spinach


Meal #4: Two whole eggs

Meal #5: Tilapia with brussel sprouts


I wrapped up the day with crocheting while watching TV with Justin.  Some of our favorite shows include Happy Endings, New Girl and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.

What shows are you watching this season?