Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday Happenings

I had big dreams of a workout yesterday morning but found everything else to do instead. Not sure what any of that is now that I am writing this post, but I’m sure it was very important and that it felt great to get it done.

2011December 002

Sara’s morning battle with the computer for my attention.  She always wins!

Meal #1: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast

2011December 007

I got my hair cut yesterday and then we got some Christmas shopping done.  While we were out, we ate sushi for lunch.  Well, Justin ate sushi.  I wanted something hot, so I ate beef and shrimp stirfry and then I wanted something cold….Yogurtini!

2011December 031

It’s been so long since I ate Yogurtini, my digestive system was MAAAAAD at me!  Next time I will just buy a bag of candy, since that is obviously what I am after in the first place! (I swear there’s some yogurt in the bottom of that cup!)

Back at home, I checked my email to find a message from a friend wanting to meet me at the gym to hang out! Yes!  Just what I needed. (Below is a picture of Jen with her beautiful family)


We did a Body Pump class that had me feeling like a noodle!  It was fun to see my friend and get a workout in!  We will definitely be doing more of that.

2011December 012

While I was at the gym, Justin took some pictures of the girls outside.  Piper is so cute in her little pink coat!

2011December 015

I was starving when I got home.  I ate chicken thighs and canned green beans.

2011December 016

Which wasn’t quite enough, so I ate some of these:

2011December 0202011December 021

Justin had DVR’d some of our favorite Thursday night shows. So we settled in the for the night and finished off the day with a little TV time.

Want to see something funny?  Justin is like a walking heater, so when I am really cold, he puts me inside his shirt to warm me up.  We know how ridiculous we look, so we tried to capture the moment last night.

2011December 026

Hahahaha!  It’s not a great picture but you get the idea!  It’s so warm in there!

Happy Friday!

2011December 011


  1. Did you seriously post that picture on the internet? LOL

  2. Oh you're too funny. I love your doggie pictures =)