Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get’er Done Monday

2011December 019

I had such an awesome day yesterday! Very productive.

It started off with Title Boxing.  It’s been like two months since I’ve been in there and I have missed it.  It was so fun and felt so good! And I am so sore! *high five*

I was filled with energy the rest of the day! Right after class, I ran Piper up to her grooming appointment.  That was a little harder than anticipated.  It’s the first time Piper has ever been groomed alone in her life.

Once home, it was time for breakfast: egg whites, turkey sausage and gluten free toast

2011December 017

Tammy, who has groomed Katy and Piper their entire life,  loves our dogs and knew that Piper had never been groomed without Katy.  She got Piper in first and called me as soon as she was done so she wouldn’t have to sit alone in a cage.

2011December 005

When I picked her up and paid her bill, I also had to pay Katy’s final bill.  One of the girls that had helped with Katy came to the front and handed me a footprint and card.  I don’t have to tell you how I reacted!

2011December 011

Best Vet EVER!

After getting myself together, it was time to eat again: Chobani vanilla with gluten free granola

2011December 010

Then it was off for errands.  I delivered some hats to my Junky Munky friend, picked up some money from my Mom’s work for crochet projects sold, picked up some yarn for a crochet project a neighbor ordered, hit up the grocery store and finished our Christmas shopping!  All before NOON!

I was so hungry by the time I got home and it was dark and rainy…perfect day for soup!

2011December 012

After finishing the hat and scarf set for my neighbor it was time for a snack: turkey and ham sandwich on gluten free bread with jalapeno chips:

2011December 016

Dinner was the rest of the soup.  I am always sad to see the bottom of the pot.

2011December 011

I was pooped by the time we went to bed.  Justin wanted to watch a movie, though, so I suffered through Fright Night. Meh.  I crocheted, so I could hide behind my yarn if needed!

Today is going to be operation gift wrap and post office!  I desperately need to get some packages shipped.

If you celebrate Christmas, are you done with your shopping?


  1. What you eat always leaves my mouth watering. Its 6 am and I am suddenly hungry for homemade soup or a sandwich :) That vet of yours is pretty special! What a thoughtful thing for them to do for you! I hope you are doing okay.

  2. Piper looks precious!! Love the bows...aww, now I want a girl doggy! Your vet is amazing! It's so nice to find people that really "get" how special our furbabies are to us.
    I plan to finish up my shopping today! All our family giving/exchanging is done, but I still want to pick up a couple of things for my hubby.