Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Friends that are Family

I got together last night with some friends that are really family.  They have been in my life since I was 6 months or 9 months….FOREVER!

MagKim 004

I don’t have a single childhood, birthday memory that does not contain Kim. (Check out the “tub” of Guy’s potato chips in the back ground! And check out that cake my Mom made! Go Mom!  Rabbit cake and train plates, it totally goes!)

Kim and I are the same age and she is my dearest friend for life.  We no longer spend every birthday together or even see each other more than a couple of times a year, but when we get together, it’s like no time has passed.

MagKim 003

She has a sister, Maggie, who is Autumn’s age.  Autumn and Maggie are still the very best of friends as well.  In fact, they still share birthday’s together and probably talk almost every day!

MagKim 002

As we got older and started seeing less of each other (and Facebook didn’t exist!), and Autumn moved out of town, we made it a priority, every year around Christmas, to see each other and catch up.

MagKim 001

Autumn eventually moved back and in 2005 started the tradition of a cookie exchange.


We normally do it at someone’s house but with everything going on this year, we all decided that we just needed a fun night out.  No house cleaning. No cookie baking. Just good old belly laughs that turn your face bright red, make you buck around in your seat, spit water out of your mouth and fill your eyes with tears! (or is that just my laugh?)


Denise is the Mom of Maggie and Kim and a third Mom to me.  She taught me how to swallow a pill and put in a tampon. 

Noreenbabyshower 004

When the six of us get together, we laugh so hard and talk so loud, people probably want to kill us.  We usually don’t go to restaurants for this reason.


Justin says it’s exhausting when we all get together because you can’t hear what one single person is saying with all the talking and laughing over each other!  Somehow, we all manage to hear each other, though, and it’s a ball of fun!

2010December 015

Kim didn’t make it to last year’s cookie exchange because she gave herself food poisoning while making her cookies!  Don’t eat the batter, people!

In working on this post, I can see I am missing 2006 and 2007 pictures!  Hopefully, the other girls have them.   It is so neat to see us all grow up through our annual pictures, so I don’t want to have any missing.

2011December 002

My Mom had to leave earlier than the rest of us to make it to another party last night so she didn’t make it into the picture! Shoot!

Last night was just what I needed.  Those three women are a blanket of comfort and I definitely left there feeling wrapped up in all their love and friendship.


  1. I have been feeling overwhelmed with love for my friends this season. I honestly could not live without my girl friends. There is just something so magical about them. it sounds like you have an awesome group and a great much needed night out.

  2. awwww,what an awesome group of ladies!!! glad you were able to spend time with them and be able to feel recharged!!!*hugs*

  3. Those photos are great! WHAT was the one in the halloween costumes all about? AUTUMN'S face is HILARIOUS. And what the hell were you guys?? LOL :)

    Glad they could cheer you up!! :)