Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

I am sitting here this morning looking through pictures and thinking about all the fun we had over the past couple of days.  I feel so full of love. 

2011December 032

It’s only now, in my mid 30’s, that I really appreciate how close we all live and that we get to see ALL of our family during the holiday. (It used to seem like such a chore)

I was so busy the past two days, that I couldn’t possibly pack it all into one post, so here are the highlights!

2011December 026

I wore this on Christmas Eve.  Calvin Klein gold, glittery sweater; Chelsea & Violet burnt orange skinny jeans; Ugg boots. This was my Christmas gift to myself!

Now that I look at the pictures, I look a little Santa Claus-y! ha!

Oh well, it was festive and really comfortable, so it’s a keeper.  Probably won’t wear those pieces together again, though.

We spent Christmas Eve with Justin’s Dad and Family.  There were lots of great gifts exchanged and we had a soup buffet for dinner.  You know me, I Love Soup! I was in heaven (that must be why I didn’t take a picture of it!).  I brought my chicken noodle soup, Justin’s step sister, Jennifer, brought 15 bean soup, and Justin’s Stepmom, Jane (in above picture) made vegetable soup.

It was a fun night!

Christmas morning, we went to my Mom’s for biscuits and gravy and gifts.  2011December 002

She has been making biscuits and gravy for Christmas morning since I was a kid.  It’s a pretty great tradition and one that we started at our house with our group home clients, as well.  We did it with them Chistmas Eve morning.

2011December 006

Oops! Did you accidently lick your computer screen?!

2011December 009

Gifts were exchanged and James, my brother, handed Justin and I a card and Autumn and Kevin a card.  It started off as a super sweet card that he had hand written a super sweet note in, but then there was a little note taped to the back that let us know he had set up clues around the house directing us to other notes and it was A RACE to find our gift!  Justin and I immediately took off!

2011December 012

We won!  It was such a fun way to give a gift! 

We spent the next part of our day at my Dad’s house.

2011December 016

We had some yummy food and then did the $10 gift game. 

2011December 017

My plate looks a little sparse, but I don’t like my food to touch and I don’t want to fill up on real food so I can eat more CANDY!

2011December 020

Justin and I brought mouse pads and coffee mugs with our pictures on it for the $10 gift game. The coffee mugs also say “I Love Justin and Stacy”.  My sister and Stepmom were the lucky ones that got to take them home!

2011December 0232011December 027

We did our big gift exchange and then, time just flew by, and it was time to get home.

2011December 0292011December 0302011December 0252011December 032

Look at my new soup pot!!

Can’t wait to make some soup in that!

Our brother, Colt, had to work this year and he was definitely missed.

2011December 034

We both were so tired by the time we got home.  It was a fun couple of days for sure!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did!

Next up: NEW ORLEANS!!


  1. Loved your Christmas Eve outfit! You looked beautiful!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. omg biscuits and gravy DROOOOOOOOOL

  3. Cute Christmas Day outfit! And I'm married to a Southern boy so we have to have biscuits & gravy for breakfast whenever it's a holiday :)