Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Party #2

Yesterday was a busy and fun day!

2011December 038

I was so freaking sore that I had the “jerky legs” and could hardly hold a plate of food to eat.  I was just going to hop on the elliptical for some cardio but that was even too much.

I started the day with egg whites, turkey sausage and gluten free toast.

2011December 027

Then I got busy making some soup.  Remember that slicer/chopper I raved about?  Still loving it!

2011December 030

It really makes chopping all the carrots, onions and celery for my soup super easy.  After a couple of hours, I was enjoying a delicious bowl of soup.

2011December 031

After a little nap, it was time to get ready for another Christmas get together!  This one was for Justin’s side.

2011December 039

We met at Wines by Jennifer for a tasting.

2011December 0412011December 0422011December 0442011December 047

Then we headed to a bar for more drinks and food!  Dirty martinis were the drink of the night, but holy salt drink!  That was my first dirty martini and I think I’m good.  My fingers are so swollen this morning, I can barely get my rings off!

2011December 0662011December 0702011December 0682011December 054

And just FYI…drinking a lunchbox (beer, orange juice, with an Amaretto shot dropped in):

2011December 086

may lead to this:

2011December 088

We all enjoyed some fried appetizers.

2011December 0522011December 0532011December 0742011December 071

I ordered grilled chicken, veggies and wild rice for my meal.

2011December 083

Group shot!

2011December 093

Then we all headed back to Justin’s Dad’s for dessert.  Bailey’s and Christmas cookies!

2011December 0942011December 097

It was another fun evening.  We are both looking forward to staying in our jammies and veggin’ out today!


  1. I am jealous of your fun nights out with your other families!!! We should do this!

    I showed Matt the pic of Justin & his lunchbox-- those are matt's most favorite drinks ever! :)
    Too fun :)

  2. Yes, Vann, we should definitely do this! Let's plan in for next year! No gifts between siblings. Just fun hang out time!