Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas #3

I have a cheese cold.

2011December 037

When I eat too much cheese (or any cheese), I sound and feel like I have a cold the next morning.  Well, last night we had our Christmas celebration with Justin’s Mom and fixed Mexican food.

2011December 013

I ate way too much rotel dip and cheese on my taco salad.  Now, this morning, I have a cheese cold.

2011December 031

It was worth it!

2011December 017

We had a great time, as usual.  We did a $10 white elephant gift game which is always fun.  Last year, Justin and I bought a totally worthless and ugly strawberry squirrel pitcher for the exchange.  Sarah, his sister, ended up with it and this year she brought it back! bwahahaha! 

2011December 022

Our Sara is still nervous around anyone that is not Justin or I, but she is making progress. She actually stayed in the same room as everyone and took treats from their hand!

2011December 020

Apparently, Justin has a new pose for Christmas parties, which he showed off again last night.

2011December 036

You can steal it if you want.

Yesterday’s Workout

Title boxing.

2011December 040

Cisco was on fire yesterday morning!  He really gave us a beating!

Yesterday’s Meals

Meal #1: Oats and protein powder

2011December 001

Meal #2: Brown rice cakes with peanut butter

2011December 010

Meal #3: Salad from Pizza Shoppe

2011December 043

Meal #4: Chips and rotel, bean dip, taco salad, candy and cookies!

2011December 014

Love this time of year.  Lots of family and fun and PICTURES!!

2011December 007


  1. Love the picture of you & your pups. So cute!
    Happy Holidays to you too :)