Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Was Here

This is it friends.

The last post of the year.  This afternoon we board a plane to New Orleans and you won’t here from me until 2012!

Thank you all for stopping by my little piece of blog-land each day.  I truly love blogging and the fun and creative way it allows me to express myself.

2011 has been a fantastic year!  Let’s take a look back:

We went to New Orleans. And Arizona. And Indiana. And Iowa. And Puerto Rico

 2011February 003

.2011Indiana 0972011June 024

2011October 104

We started the year with Autumn’s wedding reception and a blizzard!

2011January 0182011February 021

Then I went into full competition prep and you saw a lot of pictures about oats with protein and sweat and sports bras!  I wore fake eyelashes for the first time, got my eye brows died and a brazilian wax!  And still you kept reading!

2011March 004

The spring also included my younger sister graduating with her bachelors. And my sister-in-law Becky graduating from nursing school.

VannGraduation 0372011May 020

Then…..I experienced a dream come true!


I turned 35!


We expanded our family!

2011August 025

We celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary!

2011August 020

I went to Herman for Vann’s bachelorette party and Justin’s step brother, Aaron, competed in his first bodybuilding competition!

2011September 043

Vann got married and James ran a marathon!

vannwedding 003JamesMarathon 012

And then…..we said Goodbye to Katy.

A lot has happened and changed in our lives over the past year but the one part that has remained the same is the love and support from our family.

2011December 034

2011December 031

2011December 093

2011December 012

Thank you for being a part of making 2011 an unforgettable year.

You have cheered me on and cried with me and I have felt every high five and hug!

Thank you for letting me share my life with you!

Happy New Year!


  1. You're awesome! Inspiring! Optimistic! Compassionate! Driven! Motivating! Beautiful! and above all generous to share your life experiences with all of us. Have an amazing time in New Orleans. You have earned it and you deserve it. I'm looking forward to your next "possible" competition, but mostly your next chapter of adventures. Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. Have an amazing new year Stacy! I hope 2012 brings you even more joy than 2011 did! I look forward to reading each new post (even if I do have to catch up on, once!)!