Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Fun Saturday

Yesterday was super fun. 

1. Justin was STILL sick from his food poisoning.  He wasn’t “in the bathroom” sick, but he was “can’t move from the recliner” sick.  It really tested our marriage.  Not because he was sick, but because I asked him every 5 seconds to drink water! I think he faked sleep most of the day because that was the only time I didn’t bug him to drink water!  I was sick with worry that he was going to get too dehydrated! (and let’s face it, that would mean more work for me.)

2. Our client, who is requiring additional attention right now, REALLY required additional attention all. day. yesterday.  We are changing things up to help him with his behavior issues and you know that saying, “It will get worse before it gets better”, we are in the “worse” phase.

I basically had to sit in the living room with Justin on one end and our client on the other so I could keep an eye on both.

vannwedding 017

(Hahahaha! Every time I post this picture, I want to go put powder on.)

I will say this, I am very happy that we have a group home with only three individuals so we can give this guy the one on one attention he needs right now.  There are some group homes with 6 or 7 people living in them and when someone goes through a hard time in their life, they don’t get the attention they really need (in my opinion).

I will also say this, I know I have it pretty easy.  So this whining that I’m doing lately is just me being a spoiled brat!  I am used to everything going my way a certain way and when things get a little hairy, I get cranky.

Yesterday was just more difficult because usually Justin and I take turns in these kind of situations. When one person starts to get worn out, the other person takes over.  It was all me yesterday and I was so tired by 9pm, I cried about it a little.  It didn’t help that I was up on and off with Justin getting sick the night before and then had to be up at 5:30am to give Katy her breakfast and insulin shot. Poor me.

Here is something more fun:

2011November 009

2011November 010

2011November 011

2011November 012

2011November 013

2011November 014

She is always bringing them toys and sometimes it works and sometimes that happens!

Yesterday’s Meals:

Meal #1: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free bread

2011November 003

Meal #2: Greek yogurt, banana, gluten free cereal

2011November 004

Meal #3: Taco Salad

2011November 007

Meal #4: The best chips in the world.  If you have never tried them, put your shoes on and get to the store immediately!

2011November 011

Meal #5: Crock pot meal: roast, potatoes, carrots. I warmed some frozen peas in a separate bowl to add some green.  It was yummy!

2011November 014

It’s a new day! I’m going to enjoy this last bit of quiet time before I get everyone up and see what is in store for me today!


  1. oh! i do hope the rest of the weekend goes better for you!! and i hope justin feels better soon! food poisoning is no joke!!
    hang in there with your group home chica! i know youve been pretty stressed this week,and i hope the "worst" part is starting to be over,and that things will be better soon!!
    sending warm positive vibes your way!

  2. Thank you, Melissa! *hug*

  3. I hope today is a better day for you (& Justin too.)
    Love the doggie play pics! They are adorable :)

  4. hope he's feeling better today!
    sara is so funny. i love seeing the pics of her being a happy dog because when we are over i feel so bad that she's so nervous!

    there's this new cider that i tried recently- the brand is Crispin and its this all "clean" naturally made cider that doesnt have a bunch of crap added to it and its gluten free! so it make me think of you. its delicious and clean and its served over ice. i LOVE it. im going to try to find some in a store and bring it over sometime!

  5. Thank you sweet Ladies! Justin is MUCH better today!