Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We’re Not Done

You think we’re done with turkey? Not yet.

2011November 006

We have really enjoyed having turkey in the refrigerator ready to eat whenever we are ready.  So, Justin made another one!  He brined it over night again, stuffed it with aromatics and it cooked for four and half hours yesterday, filling our home with yummy smells once again!

I didn’t workout yesterday.  Instead, I got an early start to the day and cleaned our closet!  I wish I would have been brave enough to take a before picture, but let me just tell you…you couldn’t see the floor!  And the dresser at the end of our closet was piled high!

2011November 008

I should probably explain the sign that is so huge it can actually sit on the shelves on each each of the closet!  When I left my 8-5 job almost 9 years ago, they threw a surprise going away party for me and made this sign that everyone signed.  I was so appreciative and loved it so much, I kept it.  I think I can let it go now.

2011November 010

So, I took a close up picture and will be putting it out with the trash this week.

We need a new closet arrangement pretty bad but for now, we are working with the canvas bins you see on the shelves.  (don’t you just want to straighten those hangers…it’s all I can look at now)

2011November 009

They work really great for pants, shorts, swim suits, sports bras and sweaters and then the dresser hold all our under garments.

At the other end of the closet I hung my purses and scarves.  I need to grab some more command hooks for purses because I still have several sitting in a pile and I don’t think I should be hanging them three deep on those command hooks!

2011November 011

I love this over the door organizer I bought form  I wanted to give you the link but it’s already sold out.  Here it is at  I paid $22 for it, so it’s too bad that it’s not at OpenSky any more! 

2011November 012

I still have some work to do in there but I am feeling much better about our closet.  We have a couple of bags of stuff for goodwill too.

It took me pretty much all day to clean that closet!  Justin and I went through everything in there and did the whole keep, donate or trash thing.

My next organizing groove needs to be  getting my yarn situation under control.  It’s a mess!

Besides cleaning our closet, I ate the following meals:

Meal #1: Egg whites and gluten free toast

2011November 003

Meal #2, 3 and 4: Turkey Pot pie.  Evidently I was in a Pot Pie kind of mood.  I think it’s the cold temps in Kansas City have me going for warm food.

2011November 005

I snacked on some turkey in the late afternoon but didn’t have a good meal for dinner. My sister, Autumn, and I went over to my Uncle’s where my Mom and Stepdad were because they were thinking it would be Grandpa’s last night. 

I was pretty tired by the time we got home and went to bed pretty early.


  1. you're making em want to take the day off work and go clean my closet. its a giant mess.

  2. Nice closet!! I always buy an extra turkey at Thanksgiving since they're so cheap! Better than buying a small steak... so I can't wait to cook that baby! Yours looks so good!

  3. I would KILL for that closet. Ours is so small even after moving rooms from the ever so tiny so called master bedroom to the bigger room downstairs our closet is still a struggle. We are constantly trying to figure out how to make it work. That is the bad thing about buying cute quaint older homes... sigh! We didn't make a Turkey this year, so no leftovers. We had plenty at family dinners but I wish we had made one of our own. Lesson learned.