Thursday, November 10, 2011


Good Morning!

Somebody has found that skeins of yarn are fun (as are rolls of toilet paper)!

2011November 008

This week is getting away from me and I have been a blog slacker.  Sorry about that.

The main things I have been doing this week include: eating whatever I feel like and avoiding exercise.

2011November 006

The above picture is that italian wedding soup I told you about on Monday!  Best soup ever!

While the above statement about eating and exercising is not entirely true, I have not worked out once this week, again.  I guess I needed a break.  I know I’ll get that fire under me again, but for right now, I’m finding other things to occupy my time.  If I need a little break, I need a break.

2011November 007

Monday, Justin played golf and I went shopping!  I found two Dillards gift cards for $25 a piece in an old purse I cleaned out, so off I went to Dillards.  After buying two light weight sweaters, I needed to check out the The Loft. I hadn’t been in several months so it was time for a few new items.  I got a black pencil skirt that is an awesome material, it’s got a little weight to it so it hangs really nice but it’s also soft and a little stretchy so it moves with you; a super soft cowl neck shirt, a lounge outfit and another thin, layering, long sleeve shirt and black sweater.

2011November 012

Before shopping, I ran Katy up to have her blood sugar checked and it was high again, so they bumped up her insulin.  I really hope we can find the right dose for her soon.  She has been feeling great this week, so I have high hopes!

2011November 002

Tuesday, I had a meeting regarding one of our clients and his behavior issues.  It was a really great meeting and I am feeling like we are moving in the right direction.  We had a behavior specialist observe him several times over the past month and he put together his conclusions and then a plan of action.  I am very optimistic that things will be turning around for him and if he is feeling better, I will be feeling better!

2011November 009

I also decided to make photo books for each year.  I take so many pictures every year and then they just sit in my computer and no one ever looks at them.  So, I went month by month and chose the best pictures for each month.  I downloaded over 300 pictures to and made a 12x12 photo book for the year of 2010.  It took a very long time because I had a lot of pictures to sort through and edit, but I know it is going to be worth it.

2011November 014

Wednesday, I worked on doing the photo book for 2009.  Yesterday also would have been Justin’s Grandmother’s birthday.  She passed away this past June, so we wanted to get together and eat chinese food in her honor (she loved chinese food).  Justin’s Mom and Sister came over and we ate chinese and watched Survivor. It was a great night and one Grandma Myrtle would have loved!

Today, I am going to work on getting my pictures organized and ready to make the 2011 book.  That way, all I have to do is sort and edit December’s pictures.  I have a feeling I have a lot more pictures for 2011!

So that has been my week so far!  I have another meeting today regarding our group home that I need to get organized for and then tomorrow night some friends are having a ONE! party.  You know, since the date is 11/11/11!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. Wow! I love the picture book idea! I need to think about doing that too. You've been a busy bee this week! Yay for productivity :)
    Have fun at your ONE! party (such a fun idea!!)