Monday, November 14, 2011

Ready for Christmas?

It’s Monday!

Christmas is only a month away.  I better get busy!  How does everyone Christmas shop?  Do you collect throughout the year?  Get most of it done the year before during after Christmas sales? Or shop last minute?

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving.  I put the tree up and then I feel like the Christmas season can begin.  I get all our shopping done in about a week but then it seems like I always wait until like the night before to start wrapping or as I’m walking out the door to someone’s house! ha!

Yesterday’s Meals

Meal #1: Egg whites, turkey sausage and a brown rice cake.

2011November 003

Meal #2: Brown rice noodles and meat sauce

2011November 004

Meals 3, 4 and 5: Italian Wedding Soup!

2011November 009

Sadly that was the last of the soup.  Man, I love soup.

I also ate some girl scout cookies. Thin mints straight out of the freezer are pretty fantastic.

I started the day by walking the girls.  It was a beautiful day in Kansas City.  Perfect temperatures and sunshine all day.

I spent most of it cleaning and organizing our bedroom and doing laundry, but I made sure and had the blinds up and the windows open!  Those two things pretty much took all day.  It was a great feeling to get it done though.

The evening was spent watching our favorite Sunday night shows.  Amazing Race is mine and Boardwalk Empire and Dexter are Justin’s favorites.  I almost always crochet while watching TV, so I got quite a few hats done last night.

Good News

I have taken a nice little break from exercise (two weeks to be exact) and I feel ready to get back at it!  I also feel like running!  I have started to miss running. I think I am missing the mental benefits that running gives me as much as the physical.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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  1. ack i need to make that soup.
    i start shopping on BLACK FRIDAY as of last year :)