Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Another Saturday

With a Sara in the house, no blanket shall ever stay folded and no pillows shall ever be arranged nicely on the couch.  We are living in Sara’s life apparently not the other way around!  Gotta love it!

2011November 022

Something else we love…..our new Keurig!  This morning I’m trying the French Vanilla.  Justin and I both like having the choices this coffee maker offers.  If you have been on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend it.  QVC has good deals on them and Bed, Bath and Beyond is fully stocked with everything Keurig!  I bought ours there using the 20% off coupon they always send out.

When I brought it home Friday, Justin had two cups of hot chocolate.  The first one was perfect but the second one tasted like plastic.  We both thought that was weird but didn’t put too much thought into it.  When I brewed my first cup yesterday morning, it tasted like plastic.  So I brewed another one thinking maybe it was just due to being a new machine and had to be run several times. Nope, the second cup tasted like plastic as well.  It was 4am and I wasn’t functioning at a high enough level to read the instructions manual just yet, so I drank plastic flavored coffee.

Once I read the manual, I just had to run some vinegar through the machine and then some water.  The problem was fixed and every cup since has tasted perfect!

The hot chocolate is really good.  I have only tried a sip of Justin’s, but he has had several cups.  Any of the coffee flavors we have tried have all been good. They also have an apple cider that I want to pick up.

2011November 001

In the mean time, I am burning our apple cider candle.  I just can’t get enough of that smell!

2011November 002

Katy Update

2011November 004

Yesterday started off with researching about Cushing’s disease.  I am feeling like Katy has it.  She has pretty much every symptom.  I thought I wanted to try a little longer to see if we could get her blood sugar regulated since the vet had said every dog is different and some take longer than others, but there are just too many symptoms that point me in the direction of Cushing’s.  Justin and I both feel like, why drag it out.  She had a good day yesterday.  She played with Sara A LOT!  But then, she’ll have a bad day and we feel like if we get her going on the treatment for Cushing’s (if she has it), her life will be filled with only good days again!  Our vet also emailed me some information on Cushing’s and the treatment plan Katy would be on (if she has it).

Yesterday’s Food

Meal #1: Egg whites, turkey sausage and gluten free toast

2011November 016

Meal #2: Thin mints!

2011November 019

Meal #3:  I didn’t take a picture of my food, but I met my Mom, Stepdad, Autumn and my Aunt at Chubby’s for lunch.  I had tortilla soup and a side salad.

2011November 025

Meal #4: Again, I didn’t take a picture, but I had brown rice noodles with meat sauce and salad at Justin’s Dad’s house.  The family got together for one last dinner before Justin’s Dad and Stepmom take off for Arizona for the winter.  They come home for Christmas, so we will see them in a month, but then they are gone again until April.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday.  I always like days filled with family.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. We have the same pillow/blanket issues at our house! (except the dachshund loves to chew tiny holes in the blankets!)
    Yankee Candles are amazing. They make the whole house smell so good!

  2. Oh, we have the hole-in-the-blanket issue as well! And I crocheted those blankets so I feel extra attached to them and then to see holes in them makes me a little crazy!