Friday, November 18, 2011

Bringing You Up to Date

I keep starting posts each morning and then deleting them.  I am determined to press the publish button on this one!

Good Morning! It’s a cold and blustery Friday in KC.  We are starting to feel winter knocking at the door.

So my last post was on Tuesday morning about Monday.

To bring you all up to date on this week, here’s a little recap:

Tuesday was spent taking Katy to the vet every 4 hours for the Cushing’s test.  Result: She does NOT have Cushing’s disease! Hooray!

2011November 014

Wednesday was spent cuddled up to my heating pad with a belly full of ibuprofen.

Thursday morning was spent dealing with behavior issues from one of our clients. After getting everyone on their way for the day, we were both exhausted and ready for a nap. It was 9am.

Since exercise did not happen again this week, I tried to be mindful of my diet.  There were definitely some Girl Scout cookies eaten, but my other meals were pretty decent.  I didn’t feel well Tuesday or Wednesday and didn’t have much of an appetite.  Not a lot of veggies were put down in those two days so yesterday I was craving salads all day!

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2011November 013

That last picture had to be big because it was so good!  I mixed one scoop of chocolate protein powder with just enough water to make it a peanut butter consistency, then I added 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, THEN I dipped brown rice cakes into it!  It was like chocolate/peanut butter frosting!

OhMahGah, it was like totally awesome!

These are the meals in which I remembered I am a blogger!  There were other meals and snacks but I wasn’t in the picture-takin’ kind of mood.

Yesterday, we had Chipotle for lunch and the girl asked me if I wanted to try their new rice in my burrito bowl.  I asked what was new about it (suddenly Justin wished he had stayed home) and she said it was whole grain.  Ugh, whole grain? How is the regular rice NOT whole grain?  She just shrugged her shoulders. Hmmm, okay, I’ll try your new, whole grain rice. After we were seated, Justin said he heard the guy who was cooking behind her say it was brown rice.  That makes more sense.

For dinner, I had a huge salad.

In non food related news, I received the photo books that I made for 2010 and 2009, on, and they turned out fantastic! I am so in love with them and will definitely be making more.

I am feeling better this morning and have a list of things to do so I better get busy!

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  1. glad your feeling better!
    and as always,i love your food pics!
    you are making me crave salads!and chipoltle!
    and peanutbutter fudge frosting!
    hope you have a great friday and a wonderful weekend!