Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up

2011October 010

We had a fun Halloween!  We had family over and passed out candy to TONS of trick or treaters!  Our neighborhood is the place to be on Halloween.  There are a ton of kids everywhere!

2011October 006

We fixed a pot of chili and then made some hot dogs and baked potatoes to go along with it.

2011October 007

(I said, “Justin get in there” and this is what he went with. Silly.)

I also made a butternut squash soup and we baked some bacon to crumble on top.  It was so good!

2011October 008

There was also cornbread, cupcakes, cookies (all made by Jane), wine and beer! After everyone got their bellies full, the kids got their costumes on and headed out for trick or treating.

2011October 009

I got busy getting rid of all of our candy.  Once the trick or treaters started coming, there was no reason to even shut our front door. 

2011October 012

There was a constant stream of kids for a good two hours!  Some friends stopped by as they made their rounds as well.

2011October 013

We had three HUGE bowls of candy and there wasn’t a piece left by the end of the night!

2011October 011

 Vann and Matt brought their two dogs, so we had five dogs, eight adults and three kids! 

After trick or treating, Vann, Matt and Sarah stuck around and watched the Chiefs Game.  We were all up way too late, but they won!

I am having a hard time getting around this morning due to not getting to bed until midnight, then Katy getting me up at 3:30am to go potty.  5am came awful fast!  And that’s why it is 7am and I’m still drinking coffee and not doing cardio! Doh.

I better get some sweat moving!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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  1. Chili dogs and Fritos! I haven't had one of those 4-EVER!! I would have come trick or treating, skipped straight away from the candy bowl to the kitchen.