Saturday, November 19, 2011

Freaky Friday

Good Morning!  Thanks to Lisa’s Facebook status this morning, I am having some Grease with my coffee! 

Grease is my all time favorite movie and when I saw she was watching it, I had to search for it.  Sure enough, it was on! Thanks Lisa!

I loved Grease as a kid.  I had the RECORD to which I sang my heart out and imagined myself as Sandy! Then I was lucky enough to have girl friends in high school that loved it as well.  When I met Justin, he sat through that movie more times the first few weeks than he thought he ever would in his life! I had the VHS tape, of course, so we could watch it over and over again! Lucky Justin.


Yesterday started at 4am when I walked in the kitchen and saw that I had left Katy’s insulin out all night! ACK!  The vet had clearly told me not to shake the insulin and NOT to leave it out over night.  Crap.  Long story short, I called the emergency vet who said to go get a new vial. I called the 24 hour pharmacy to get the new vial and he said the insulin was fine to administer.  Since the latter meant not leaving the house at that hour, I gave it to her.

2011November 011 

I worried all morning about that decision, but when I took her to the vet to check her levels she was down again! Hooray!  

2011November 017

Between my nerves regarding Katy and worrying about one of the guys we assist and too much coffee, I did not feel like breakfast.  I new I needed something, though, so peanut butter toast it was.

2011September 004

We had a whole list of errands to get accomplished yesterday.

One of the stops was to pick up my wedding ring.  I was having it sized finally (it went down a size and a half!).  I am so happy to have it back on my finger. Nice and snug.  Don’t have to worry about losing it anymore!

We stopped at Winstead’s for lunch.  Justin was wanting one of their burgers (he would regret this later).  I had a BLT and some onion rings.

2011November 025

Dinner was tacos which I made into a taco salad.

2011November 019

Dessert was ice cream!

2011November 022

So, I mentioned above that Justin would later regret that hamburger.  He started saying he didn’t feel well around 9pm and it just kept getting worse. By 11pm he was miserable and his body was trying to get rid of whatever it was HOWEVER it could!  Poor guy.  Neither one of us has ever had food poisoning in the almost 16 years we have been together.  I have heard of people being sick like that, but had never experienced it.  It went on until about 2am.  He would fall asleep for about 30 minutes and then right back into the bathroom.  I got up with him each time because no one should ever go through that alone. 

The crazy thing is, we had just talked about food poisoning earlier that day and how we had never had it since being together but Justin had as a teenager.  And he talked about how horrible it was, blah, blah, blah….Lesson learned: NEVER talk about food poisoning again in my life!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Poor Justin! Eeek! That took care of any burger cravings I was having, for sure!
    Arctic Zero is so good! I didn't really like the Chocolate PB, but loved the Coffee flavored.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Oh man... food poisoning IS awful. I have had it a few times in my life, and once with each pregnancy, which landed me in the hospital in premature labor. AWFUL. I hope he is feeling better today. I also hope that Katy keeps getting better. I can't imagine how stressed you must be about it, you have a lot on your plate these days I hope things settle down a bit for you! Big hugs

  3. HEHE, I loved that morning! Of course I made my kids watch Grease 2 after also =) And I sang all the songs, they just looked at me like I'm an idoit!! I'm glad Justin is feeling better. I've had it before and it was horrible. Four days where I couldn't eat or drink anything. Yuck.