Saturday, November 26, 2011

Food Slicer!

Good Morning!  Four day weekends always get me all confused on what day it is.  It feels like Sunday!

Yesterday I started off doing the usual: drinking coffee, editing pictures and blogging.  While doing the usual, a friend that lives out of town and I starting chatting via Facebook and come to find out she was in town!  I asked if she wanted to meet at the Y for some treadmill talk and she said she’d be there in 15 minutes! Yes!


This is us post TWO HOUR workout.  We hopped on side by side AMT’s and chatted away for an hour!  Neither of us were ready to be done yet so we decided to do a step class.  It was ridiculous!  The instructor had us turning and shuffling all over that step.  Alison and I were so lost!  We had fun though and we worked our butts off trying to keep up so we got a good workout!

She is a personal trainer and a yoga instructor (and a Mom and a military wife) so she doesn’t have a lot of free time to take group exercise classes.  She had fun and we decided to meet back up this morning for the spin class!  I haven’t taken a spin class in probably 6 years.  I used to love them so I’m looking forward to it (I’m not looking forward to the sore crouch/butt I’m going to have tomorrow though!)

I definitely did not eat enough yesterday!

When I got home from catching up with Alison, I was starving!

I skipped right over breakfast food and right into the last of the butternut squash, chicken sausage and broccoli:

2011November 009

Then I took a TWO HOUR nap!

I felt totally wiped out!

I woke up starving but nothing sounded good, so I ate some gluten free crackers and garlic and herb cheese.

2011November 014

After watching a couple of movies, it was time to eat again.

Salad with left over turkey and Newman’s Own vinaigrette.

2011November 006

Remember that food slicer that I wanted from QVC?  I bought it!  It made making this salad so easy.  I sliced up all my onion, bell pepper, cucumber and olives in seconds and I did extra so anytime I want a salad, the hard part is already done!

I really like this food slicer. Let me take you on a tour.

1. It comes with the slicer, a hopper for slicing small food (like olives, garlic, etc), a large food hand guard,and a plastic tub with lid in case you want to chop up food and store it for later or just store all the accessories in it.

2011November 016

2. On the back of the slicer are two dials.

2011November 026

One adjust the thickness of the big blade.  I like my red onion sliced super thin for salads, but red bell pepper a little thicker.  It was so easy to find the perfect thickness with this slicer.  There are eight different thicknesses!

2011November 0012011November 003

The other dial allows you to pop up either one row (julienne) or two rows (chop) of small blades. 

2011November 024

I love this feature!

2011November 002

3. The hopper for small food items is awesome!  I packed it full of black and green olives and in seconds I had perfectly sliced olives!

2011November 004

It was a breeze to clean up too! It costs $29.76 plus $6.97 s/h.  I think it is worth it!  I slice and chop a lot of food so I see myself reaching for this time and time again.

So there you have it. The perfect food slicer!  Obviously, QVC has no idea who I am or that  I am bragging about their product.  I just wanted to pass along a product I think is worth purchasing.

After my salad, I went back to watching movies and getting myself focused on the Spring competition season.  The first show I want to do is about 20 weeks away.  I got my food log all mapped out using the 16 week carb cycle plan Diana gave me last year. (I only mapped out 16 weeks, because I’m sure I’ll end up with Diana before long but I at least wanted to get myself in the mind set!)

I am still trying to decide what to do about working with Diana.  After talking with Justin, we just don’t think it is financially responsible for us to fork over the sum of money it costs to do one on one training this time around.  So, I’m thinking I’ll go online with her.  I tossed around the idea of finding a cheaper coach, but I adore Diana.  I trust her. She knows me.  I think going online will be a good challenge for me.  Last year, I learned a lot about myself and I think I’ll learn even more if I cut the strings a little looser this time around.  Scaaaary!

What are your feelings about an online comp prep trainer versus one on one training?

Getting back to food. I totally forgot to eat anything else and at 10:30pm Justin reminded me that we didn’t eat dinner. Suddenly I was starving and ate more cheese and crackers!  Ugh, I don’t think that’s part of my food plan! ha!

Have a great Saturday!  It’s time for me to get ready for my sore butt spin class!

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  1. I have never done a competition before...but I am using an online contest prep coach. She is about 4 hours from me, so it is doable should I need to meet her face to face. I cannot afford one on one training, so the online training fit into my budget perfectly.

    Good luck to you!