Monday, October 10, 2011

Puerto Rico Recap!

Good Morning!

2011October 001

I am home and all settled in after our week vacation in Puerto Rico!  Only, I haven’t quite come out of vacation mode yet because I totally missed the 6am Title Boxing class this morning. Doh!

I was up but just couldn’t get moving in that direction.

It has taken me forever to get this post together because I have so many pictures to share and want to tell you guys every detail about our trip.

I'll do my best to sum it up.

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at a resort community in Humacao, Puerto Rico (located on the west side), called  Palmas Del Mar together with Justin’s Dad and Stepmom.

The property was beautiful. It was a gated community. 

It had a beautiful marina. A couple of our favorite places to eat were at the marina.  It was fun to see all the yachts.

2011October 006

There were some BIG ONES!

2011October 041

Two golf courses.

2011October 055

Two pools.

2011October 131

13 restaurants, a mini grocery store, and a couple of other little shops.

2011October 009

The only problem was, we were there during their low season, so only a handful of the restaurants were open and some of them were not even open until the last couple of days we were there.  It was kind of bizarre.  We never really knew anyone’s hours.  Nothing was posted.

2011October 076

The beach was really rough.  The ocean on that side has a super strong current and is suited better for surfing than lounging.  There were signs posted all over the beach about NOT swimming!

2011October 013

We still walked up and down the beach each day and took in the ocean as much as possible. It may not have been good for lounging and swimming, but it was beautiful!  Hearing and seeing those waves crashing against the shore was awesome!

One day, we drove 30 minutes north to Fajardo and spent the day on a clean beach with calm water!  This was a glorious day!

2011October 104

On another day, we drove to the rain forest. Ugh…not our thang!  The rain forest was beautiful, but the road to get there had Justin and I so shaken that we will probably never go there again.  AND, the National Park part of it was closed once we got to the top!

2011October 124

That is the closest we will ever be to the rain forest in Puerto Rico!

Vacation Workouts:

The first two days, I did great! I got my fanny up and outside for some running.  There were a couple of pretty steep hills I used for sprints and lunges.


On the third day, Justin walked the beach with me and then we treaded water in the pool.  My will to exercise started to dwindle on the fourth day.  I let it go, though.  It felt good to sleep in and do whatever I wanted to do.

Vacation Food:

Of course, we had some good food!  The places that were open were all good.  We had our favorites that we kept revisiting.

Our favorite lunch spot was a tapas bar in the marina. It was part of a fancier french restaurant Chez Daniel, which we enjoyed for dinner.

We were all starving on the first day!

2011October 004

We ordered different stuff and shared.  I ordered the chicken and peppers with french fries.  I had this a couple of times while we were there!

2011October 0022011October 003

A couple of other things we tried at the tapas bar:

2011October 0052011October 0202011October 021

So, the french restaurant, Chez Daniel, was super good!

2011October 143

We all LOVED everything we ordered!

2011October 036

2011October 0312011October 0322011October 0332011October 0342011October 0352011October 1342011October 1392011October 0372011October 0382011October 0392011October 1402011October 142

You can tell by all the pictures, we ate at this restaurant more than once!

Another place we liked was called La Brochette.  We ate here twice as well.  I got the same thing both times!

2011October 1062011October 107

We found a place that made chocolate martinis and enjoyed those along with Bailey’s on ice for several night caps!

2011October 049

After a week…..

It felt good to come home.  We feel like we got all the sun, ocean, and good food we needed to last us until next year!

2011October 145

It is always good to get a way for a week and take a break to truly appreciate our everyday life.   I love that I get to work along side Justin everyday. I appreciate the life we have built together and that the business we have allows us to care for three people that teach us to get the most out of every day and never take our lives for granted!

Happy Monday!


  1. welcome back, glad you had a good trip! Cute bathing suit!!

  2. The food looked wonderful! Thanks for sharing the great pictures and I laughed all week long at the posting of the "pet" pictures. I bet they were beyond excited when you and Justin arrived home!

  3. Looks like a great vacation! Love the pictures. Okay, love the food pictures =) No, the beach pictures were pretty too! Glad you're back.