Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Heart Endorphins

It’s already the middle of week! This week is flying.  November will be here before we know it. Yikes!

But first, Halloween! Does anyone dress up?

I never do.  I like passing out candy and seeing all the kids, but that’s about it.  There have been quite a few Halloweens that we have just turned off our lights because we didn’t want to have candy in the house!  Our neighborhood is super fun for Halloween though, everyone goes all out around here, so I hate to be the ONE dark house on the block!

I woke up bright eyed and ready to go yesterday morning at 4:30am.  I was so happy because that meant I had time to drink coffee, get Katy her breakfast and a shot and head to an exercise class without rushing!

Yesterday’s Workout

I started yesterday off with a step/strength class.  It’s a lot less intense then Title Boxing or the Boot Camp class, but I really like it.  It gives me a good sweat and gives my nervous system a little break!

I am starting to get a little more coordinated with moving around the step also.  I don’t look like I’m just spinning in circles with my arms flailing about (as much). The strength part of the class incorporated A LOT of bicep curls, upright rows, squats, lunges and then abs.


I feel very 1980’s when I do step aerobics, but it’s so fun.  I can see why it’s still around after all these years!

I felt so great when I got home.  I was definitely flying high on endorphins!  Poor Justin wakes up around 7:30am or 8am and I’m talking 90mph because I’ve been up since 4:30am had coffee, a workout and at least one meal!  We start everyday with a big hug and a kiss (I highly recommend starting your day this way! Smile)  then he escapes to his computer for awhile, to get away from me and have some quiet time, before I start going over my to do list with him! Winking smile

Yesterday’s Meals

Meal #1: Yogurt and granola

2011October 002

Meal #2: Egg whites with gluten free toast (just little burnt. oops!) and butter

2011October 005

Meal #3: Gluten free cereal with dark chocolate almond milk

2011October 007

Meal #4: Snacked on some almonds and graham crackers.

Meal #5: Chicken breast with salad. I also had a few chips with rotel that did not get photographed.

2011October 008

I got a lot of crocheting done last night while watching Biggest Loser and Dancing with Stars. Fun and productive night!

2011October 007

Have an awesome Wednesday. Hope your week is going great!


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