Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Funky Town

Truth Time

I am starting to feel the affects of not eating well and not exercising.  That tired, sluggish, down in the dumps feeling.

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The question I keep asking myself is: How much fat am I going to allow back on this body before I get serious again?

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I’m tired when I wake up. I have to drag myself out of bed. I’m relying on coffee for my energy. I’m filled with excuses. I’m eating without thinking. I’m not prepping meals. Sab. O. Tage.  boo.

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As much as I know that if I got in a killer workout and had a solid day of good food, I would feel great……I laid in bed this morning at 5:09am, not wanting to get up, thinking of any excuse I could to stay in bed.  I finally got up at 5:20am and kept telling myself I had to go to Title Boxing. I have to. No excuses. Just get up and put your workout clothes on. Go. Now.

I didn’t.

Darn it.

2011May 064

I need to visit all those pictures I had taken in May and remind myself of how good I felt.  Full of energy! Popped out of bed every morning at 5am. Couldn’t wait to get my sweat going.

Chelsea’s blog really got me going this morning. 

And Journey 2 Fabulous ALWAYS has such motivational posts.

What I ate yesterday:

Meal #1: Godwin bars 

2011October 003

Meal #2: Two whole eggs, turkey sausage, english muffin (with butter and not gluten free – GAH!)

2011October 004

Meal #3: Tacos (it WAS TACO TUESDAY!) I ate three of them. I should have ordered TWO! I was stuffed!


Meal #4:Godwin bars and treats that my sister and I were making for the dessert bar that will be at her wedding reception!  These are marshmallows, dipped in butterscotch almond bark, dipped in crushed graham cracker. yep!

 2011October 007

Meal #5: Chinese food!

2011August 015


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today WILL be a better day!Pinned Image


  1. I think we all feel that way from time to time. I always tell myself, today is the day. And try to make it happen. So, keep on plugging away.
    Loved the blog today, maybe it was a little for me too! :) take care.

  2. I FEEL your pain!!! This post is exactly what I have been dealing with lately. I had a horrible day yesterday too, and sadly have had more horrible days prior to yesterday than I even want to admit! I started reading Bethenny Frankel's book "A Place of Yes" yesterday, & wow I am feeling better already. I plan to write about what I'm learning over on my blog, so maybe we can help drag each other out of this ridiculous funk!
    Thanks SOOO much for the shout-out! You totally made my day!!!
    Let's get it together! We have both come so far. We deserve the best life possible, and "funky town" is not good enough for either one of us! We CAN overcome!

  3. Hey there, we are here for you - I know how you feel too!! Tomorrow is a NEW day - let's make today awesome and your post tomorrow will include nothing but kick ass stuff!! Hang your pics up on your fridge? Will that help? :)

  4. I can totally relate!! I especially needed to see that last picture because my sh*t is all over the


  5. Thanks Ladies!! It felt good to get all that out of my head and into a blog post. I feel better already!

  6. i hope you are able to re-harness your mojo!
    sometimes its a battle of wills.
    and sometimes you just have to force things to change,to get back on track.
    once the ball gets rolling again,you will be unstoppable! and you are so right about it being a bad day,not a bad life.
    its not how hard we fall off the wagon that matters,but the ability to get back on and carry on that counts....
    we all have bad days,tomoorow is a new day and a new start!
    you can do it!

  7. Girl, you know your not alone. I think we have all felt that way at one (or ten) times in our life. You know what to do, YOU can do this. Your amazing!

  8. I FEEL you like you have no idea.

    I am constantly making excuses, putting in half a$$ed workouts. Eating to satisfy the moment :( I hate that I am doing this to myself but I feel so unmotivated. :(

    Even blogging. I've been awful.

  9. Oh my, you and me are in the same boat! Okay, the workouts for me are spot on. My eating though? I just can't control it. I'm good for 2-3 days and then I'm bad again. UGH! And you know, it's so easy to get out of the habit. Once you start again, you know you'll keep going, but getting started is ALWAYS the tough part! I got nothing but faith in you!