Saturday, October 29, 2011


Good Morning, Friends! And Happy Saturday .

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I had a great day yesterday.  Hope you guys did too!

Justin played golf with his Dad, so I got some stuff done around the house, met the Junky Munky girls again to give them some more hats and catch up on the phone with my Mom and an old friend.  I took all three dogs with me for a car ride to meet up with the Junky Munky girls.  They loved it!

Yesterday’s Workout

I started the day off with Title Boxing.  Oh my goodness, Cisco was fired up yesterday morning!


His intention is always for us to burn 1,000 calories and I have no doubt I burned every single one of them yesterday morning!  It was explosive!  That’s the best word for yesterday morning’s class. Explosive.  The music was loud, Cisco was in constant motion around the room, circling all of us,  yelling,  encouraging us to work harder, to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.   It was awesome. 

Yesterday’s Meals

Meal #1: Oats with protein and a banana

2011October 004

Meal #2: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast with butter

2011October 005

Meal #3: Brown rice, peas, two chicken thighs with gluten free soy sauce

2011October 017

Meal #4: Pretzels, gluten free cereal with dark chocolate almond milk. I really have to start measuring my cereal.  I put down probably 2 or 3 cups yesterday! SO GOOD!

2011October 006

Meal #5: Protein Powder, peanut butter and granola.  I wasn’t very hungry due to all the cereal I ate!

2011October 018

I had a spoon of peanut butter later in the night as well.

Yesterday was the perfect temperature to wear the new scarf I made.

2011October 0102011October 0112011October 012

I wore it as shown in the first picture but I love that it can be worn in many ways.  I will definitely be making more!

In fact, I think I’ll turn on QVC and get started on one right now!  Have a great day!


  1. I love that scarf. I made one for myself recently and it overwhelmed my frame so I gave it away. Sadly, that is a style I can't pull off, but it looks great on you.

  2. What a cute scarf. Not to self: learn how to knit:-)